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    [H] Diesel Gaming @ Frostwhisper - 10 man Heroic Recruitment


    Diesel Gaming is a PVE guild on the realm Frostwhisper. We are NEW to the realm, recently transferring from Kazzak due to the long queues. Our current 10 man raid team consists of experienced raiders who have raided at the highest level. We have been a group of raiders for several years now and ultimately good friends; we all share the same passions for raiding and gaming while also having fun in the process. Unfortunately due to queues on Kazzak we are only just about to set foot into Vaults so come be there from the start and let's get doing heroics and achievements..

    We offer: Mumble, Forums (including private guild chat box), a Level 25 WoW guild, friendly environment, experienced PvE players and a common love for gaming.

    To fill our ranks we are looking for the following:

    - 1x Mage

    This is a guaranteed raid spot and is the only spot available due to having dedicated members.. If you are not looking to play long term, have long term holidays planned or generally aren't that interested in being a long standing member of the guild then please look elsewhere.

    We have cut our raid times down over the years and now raid 2 nights a week as we feel this is a good requirement for enjoying raids and completing content at a good rate, our times are as follows:

    (Server Times)
    Mon: optional/flexi day
    Wed: optional/flexi day
    Thur: 8.30pm to 11.30pm
    Sun: 8.30pm to 11.30pm

    Even though we have tuned raids to 2 nights a week we expect 100% attendance to every raid, this is where our flexi days come in to play. We know it is impossible to say you can come to every raid on a given day, due to birthdays etc.. but this is where we work as a guild and arrange one of our raid days to change for the week.

    Due to being a 10 man raid team and having a limited amount of raiding time we expect our members to turn up to raids on time and prepared. Turning up late or without food/flasks is not acceptable. If we are close to downing a boss on heroic mode, then there is a chance we could increase raid days to 3 that week.

    Only apply IF you:
    - are NOT [email protected]#$
    - can maintain Thursday and Sunday raids
    - are flexible to extend to 3 days a week or move a raid day once in a while
    - are prepared in game and out
    - are social
    - have a sense of humour
    - can speak/write fluent English
    - can stand elitism
    - can work as a team

    You can apply here: www.diesel-gaming.com/apply

    If you have any questions feel free to contact Tekko via PM on the website or contact Tekkommo in game.

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    Looking for a good Mage to complete our team and move onto Heroics.

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