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    DoC or Nature's Vigil?

    So what talant should i really pick? in an pure dps perspective? i tried both but cant really tell if one is better then the other. Does anyone have any exact number? couldnt find anything that was up to date!

    edit:for BALANCE!! the new talent system really got me this time
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    Pro Tip: Mention what spec you are

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    ofcourse there are no exact numbers as it all depents on your gear, and skills on how to use those talents
    but yes....

    for cat, take DoC or HotW, unless you need extra burst dps for a boss then consider NV
    for balance take DoC

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    DoC for balance? Are you supposed to stop and cast HTs during your rotation?

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    I have been pulling very high numbers using NV as feral. It really just depends on what you feel more comfortable with. DoC is prohibitively complex in most cases, so for progression I like the other two better. I find the burst that NV offers during berserk/berserking/trinkets/etc, offers the best damage over the whole fight.

    If you have to switch targets frequently, I would lean more toward HotW. If you will be able to get a complete berserk, etc off on the same target every time, NV would be my choice.

    I must confess though, I haven't practiced that much with DoC, but the complexity and the standing in fire that may result is immediately apparent.

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    DoC for balance? Are you supposed to stop and cast HTs during your rotation?
    Yes, you have to use HT's, you have to use Nature's Swiftness to your advantage here. Once per minute you can instant cast HT to proc DoC and it will only cost you a GCD.
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    DoC is superior if you have your set bonus.

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    I'm pretty sure it's a DPS gain as Balance to cast HT every time before you refresh your dots even if that means hard casting HT, with DoC of course.

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    Unless you have something against HoTW, I'm fairly sure that it outdamages both DoC and NV for both dps specs at the moment on a patchwerkesque fight.

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    Dream of Cenarius simply does NOT compete with NV, or HotW... yet.

    It will be the superior talent in higher tiers, or possibly with 4-T14. But not now.
    If you're pro with it, or it feels better for you, you can do some nice dps with HotW.

    I'm currently running Nature's Vigil as it's the most fool-proof, works best with the rotation (imo), stacks nicely with Incarnation.
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