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    [Bio] Jonas Shadewreath

    First time doing this, cut me some slack. I might need to make small changes now and then.

    Name: Jonas Shadewreath
    Age: Roughly 40 years old
    Race: Forsaken
    Gender: Male
    Class: Shadow Priest

    Languages: Orcish, Bad Common (Tarzan-style talking), Gutterspeak

    Faction: none

    Personality: Wily. Tries to make a joke of nearly everything. Generally mild tempered and quiet. Very Introverted till someone talks ill of the Horde, namely the forsaken. Likes to play with light amounts of mind control (magically persuasive. Was once a battlepriest for the Humans of Lordaeron). He's deceptively intelligent, and doesn't like to let on when he knows more than it seems.

    Likes/Dislikes: Not fond of the Alliance, but will carry on a conversation as long as they don't try to start anything.

    Appearance: Body is typical of being Forsaken, jaw still intact, though it might not be his original one. Shaggy blueish-grey hair. Wears robes, and a simple glowing dagger, with a Tome hanging from his hip that has odd purple runes shifting on it, wears a hood that almost completely hides his face. Gave up his true physical form for that of a shadow, giving him a purple/black translucent look.

    Strengths: Manipulator. He can cast doubt and fear into the hearts of his enemies.
    Shadowform: Physical strikes can barely touch him, though enchanted blades will usually do the trick.
    Weaknesses: Little physical strength and is particularly vulnerable to the pain of the Light, due to having been so close to it in his former life.

    He doesn't remember much of his actual life as a human, other than he was a priest killed on the field of battle during the first Scourge invasion. He was initially raised as a member of the Scourge, but had his will freed with the rest of the Forsaken. Cursing the Light for having failed him, he quickly became adept at using shadow spells, and eventually allowed himself to be consumed by shadow. Due to his strong connection to the shadow, the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow quickly drew him in their ranks soon after their formation. He wanders, trying to find both purpose for his undeath, and relics to bolster his power.
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    The only thing that is immediately jumping out at my sleep deprived brain is that 180 is much, much too old - the Third War, which is about the time the Scourge first started making shit happen, only happened in Year 20. That would be 9 years ago. Warcraft humans have the same lifespan as RL humans, so.. Him being 170 when he died.. not happening.

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    Syn nailed the only real 'mistake' in your biography. Its a decent start, so thumbs up for that! Other than that, here's a few ideas as to what you can expand upon:

    I'd also flesh out how exactly he died, go more in depht with what went through his mind and what he did after being raised. - Also considering he's under the Lich King's immediate control, I'd like to have it more fleshed out how he would be losing his sanity after reclaiming his freedom. I'd also like to have his loss of sanity fleshed out. As far as I can tell the only thing that sets him apart from a regular forsaken is talking to a raven?
    Giving a few clues as to things that he can remember from his life might also be very interesting for your further story. Glimpses of important things, to give your character some drive.

    Then there's the events of the Cataclysm, which undoubtedly had some effect on your character. What happened to him in this time frame?

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'll see what I can think of.

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    He only claims loose ties to the Forsaken
    Apparently I am a little late to the game but I do have some other thoughts for you. This statement right here threw me a bit. While being a Shadow Priest and being in the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow aren't necessarily a necessity, it is a huge part of the Forsaken culture. One of the key virtues of the Shadow and really of the Forsaken in general, in my opinion, is Power. The drive, the need, the want. Being a practitioner of the Shadow doesn't exactly mesh with a "go with the flow" lifestyle.

    Another thing to flesh out would be why did he become a shadow priest? Did he curse the Light for failing him? For abandoning him? For not being strong enough to help him stop the rampaging Scourge? And even if it was all these things, why the Shadow in particular? Not Fel magic? Not the Arcane?

    The Shadow and the Light aren't just opposing religions. But they are mirrored forces. They both teach betterment of the world and urge their followers to change the world. And in reality these two goals aren't really that different, just with each of them on top of their own respective worlds. But the key difference is in how their followers go about changing the worlds and the way your character goes about it from being a follower of the Light to a follower of the Shadow would be almost a 180 change of view about the world.

    For instance my character Aland Wood went through this change from Light to Shadow (Living to Dead) recently and I don't have him even following the strictest of view points when it comes to the Shadow. As a part of the Cult's teachings you are taught the Light and it's virtues because they believe there must be a balance. And He takes this to heart by following a seldom followed virtue of the shadow, Compassion. Would you think Jonas would be of the same opinion? Would he not?

    I would just suggest expanding a little more on who he is and what he believes. And who knows you might answer these and many other questions you didn't even think about before.

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