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    How to make gold with Tailoring in MoP?

    I really can't see how you can make gold with tailoring in MoP, Blizz should of added a new bag even if it was the same size as an embersilk bag so we can actually make something with the cloth we collect.
    Royal satchel with be very expensive due to how many spirit of harmonies it will take to make it unless you wait 12 days and just use the cooldown so due to this the cost will be high and it'll have a limited market. The PVP gear is worthless as it costs next to nothing to make, the epic robe etc we could make has a lower ilvl than the raid finder gear so it will also be worthless, any ideas?! I'm tempted to drop it and go with inscription alongside my other profession - enchanting which i'm hoping will be a viable gold maker!
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    Craft it into the Windwool items and sell them. I regularly sell the Blues for 200-400 and the greens for 100-200. You can also craft things and get a friend/guildie/random idiot to disenchant em for ya and sell that if the price of the crafted gear is too low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tielknight View Post
    Craft it into the Windwool items and sell them. I regularly sell the Blues for 200-400 and the greens for 100-200. If cloth is cheap enough, craft things and get a friend/guildie/random idiot to disenchant em for ya and sell that.
    thats pretty much my plan, any cloth into bolts, bolts into imperial silk once a day, then anything else make stuff, DE and either sell the mats or the enchants depending how lazy i am =p

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    I've sold a lot of the 450ilvl pvp blues. The price is not high but they sell easy and as you said they cost almost nothing to make.
    You can also sell the pants enchants with the recipe that you get from honored with Golden Lotus.

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    dont stop making Cataclysm Cloth, the new bags are way too expensive and noone will paywhat they cost if you use cloth off the CD, so that leaves you with the daily cloth.. wich will be better used for leg enchants / armor sets. but with the cata bags you can buy chaos orbs (while people still sell them) and make a ton of gold.

    specially because a lot of people are selling their stocks of chaos orbs are VERY low prices.

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    Im sorry to say but you missed out on the massive profits. The key was getting honored with golden lotus as soon as you could, buy the 476 patterns and sell them on the AH. I had enough harmonies to make one chest and one gloves, i sold the chest for 70k and the gloves for 54k. These are now both under 10k on my server.

    Other than that your best bet is to save all of the harmony/imperial silk you can collect and get exalted with celestials as fast as you can, the bags are going to sell for ridiculous amounts, and people will be buying them.

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    Two tips for doing this btw:

    1. Get revered/exalted with tillers if you already havent. You can plant 12/16 songbell seeds per day and collect that many motes of harmony per day.
    2. Farming the stone guardians in the gou-lai halls for motes of harmony, they are instant respawn and the best place ive seen to do so.

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    I didn't get a chance to read the original post or replies but I just want to say if you want to make money from tailoring go to verlok stand farm for an hour (you must be max tailor) and make bags and sell them or just sell the cloth. If you get less than 1,000 cloth per hour you are doing something wrong. 1k cloth is at least 2k gold or up to 4k depending on server. I'd say that's pretty good money for an hour =)

    Well I was able to finish what I was doing and get back to read the earlier posts. While all of them are good ideas I can easily say the best money making is through bags at least for a while. A lot of people are making monks = need bags, new people into the game = bags, those coming back = bags, new toons = bags etc etc. I make 14k gold today at ah from bags and about 12k of that was profit. Just doing an hour farm yesterday and about an hour for crafting, which I watch fringe while doing. =) If you are a tailor one hour a day for bags is the way to go.
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    I dont think the imperial bags are going to be as expensive as some think.

    Considering the long duration it takes to get max rep, first in lotus, then celestials, and considering there arent really all that many things to use imperial silk on, if your doing your combine every day, every tailor will likely have enough silk to make a few bags as soon as they are exhalted, so its going to flood the market a good bit.

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