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    Recommending games

    I'm looking for some games to play. I'm thinking of an RPG, or some action game (not FPS). I'm actually playing Darksiders 1 and I'm enjoying it. I liked Witcher, Warcraft III (mix between rpg and rts), Heroes III. What would you recommend? I was thinking of Darksiders 2, digged up Gothic and Gothic 2 (all-time best RPGs in my opinion ;P).
    Here are few games that I like, so this will give you some tips. Just recommend any games you like and tell why
    Warcraft III
    Heroes of Might and Magic III
    Dark Messiah: Might&Magic
    Devil May Cry 2
    Fable TLC
    Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 1 and 2
    Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
    The Settlers V: Heritage of Kings

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    darksiders 2 was on offer yesterday on steam.. you still might be able to trade for it pretty cheap (was 66% off)
    Dictated but not read.

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    Check out XCOM Enemy Unknown. It's a Turn Based Strategy game. Aliens have invaded earth and your special squad of XCOM soldiers are responsible for vanquishing the invaders. You can customize your soldiers and your base. When you complete a mission you can harvest alien bodies and technology and bring it back to the base for research and engineering. It is a world wide map so each country that needs your help will rate you monthly and fund you appropriately.

    Before writing a page and a half of how the game works, go ahead and check out the XCOM Mega Thread in the Video Games forums. There are a ton of videos and reviews posted there. The game releases in the US today and in Europe on friday. It will be released on PC/360/PS3, there is even multiplayer pvp which is a long awaited addition to the XCOM series. Most will prolly be playing it on the PC, so if you really wanna have fun with multiplayer that is prolly going to be the best platform for it.

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    Thank you, I'll check that =)

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    Dark Souls. Because it's hard.

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