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    Elegon 10N help.

    Hello! So we got to Elegon normal and after 2 evening of tries we have one single issue ----> the enrage timer :/
    The main problem seems to be we're unable to push the second ph1 with only 3 adds spawning, we always get a 4th add in that phase (we push the 1st ph1 in 2 adds), also we do 4+4 in ph2 letting the 5th wave to reach the edge while dpsing the boss as much as we can.
    We have logs of our last 6 tries but i can't link them due to me being new to mmochamps forum but you should be able to copy paste the link anyway: /reports/dqgowynznctppet1/
    Our best try was the 4th one (6% enrage wipe).
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Your problem : You have 3 healers. Drop to 2.

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    your ment to 2 heal it. if for some reason you cant 2 heal it then you really need to do 5 + 5 Sparks. Find a way to line CDs for the 4th/5th Spark.

    But it is easily doable with 2 healers

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    Keep in mind the real dps race on this boss is not the boss itself the adds are the challange if you can do 5 adds or more the boss will just melt away try to do 6 5 and enrange will no longer be a problem also try to heal it with 2 people the dps can help out by reseting the stacks more frequently so that they wont take as much dmg

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    2heal it.

    Push 5-5 sparks, at least.
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    Our DPS is average & we did it with 3 & 3. Use 2 healers, there is no reason to use 3, it's very easy once they get used to it.

    EDIT: Your group has similar DPS than us, switch to 2 healers & you'll kill it within a few tries. Your healers are on 30, 36, & 37% overheal, which is a sure sign you have too many
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    Since you're running a heavy melee comp, keep the add near the middle during the second protector phase if you're struggling to push him to 50% in 3 protectors. This was helpful to my group which runs 3 melee. Generally it would stay in until about 60% hp on the add, then we'd take it out and nuke it, was a massive gain in damage done to the boss, and made it very easy to push in 3, to the point of holding off on Elegon.

    For reference, we killed 4 charges in each charge phase (i.e. 5 stacks on boss each time). 2 healers with a kill at about 8m 30s. The advice to 2 heal is good, and it's definitely an execution kind of fight - dps will get better naturally. Ele shaman specs into AG to help with the healing, it does a lot of healing and will be very helpful to your healers. With a good number of mitigation/healing CDs up for the burn it will be very easy

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    2 Tanks , 2 Heals , 6 DPS, Tanks have to focus on doing damage too not only tanking add, boss and survive ,when ads in p1 got 25%hp get them out of inner circle, you have to killl minimum 5 ballls in p2 and dont stop to dps boss where balls are death , in p3 spleat dps on every pylon to kill them all in the same time

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    Quote Originally Posted by kubuntu View Post
    you have to killl minimum 5 ballls in p2
    Plenty of guilds have killed it by doing 4 or even 3.

    5 is great but he's easily doable with 4.

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    I wouldn't say the problem is 3 healing it. We 3 healed it (1 disc priest), killing 4-4 sparks and still had 11 seconds left on the enrage.
    Log link.

    The problem you're having is your raid's dps is quite low for a 6% wipe, are you maximizing uptime on the boss? Does everybody have the best possible gear from the heroic dungeons (apart from the low drop % epics)?

    Does everyone know how to do dps?

    Alternatively, you can of course drop a healer (especially if you don't have a disc priest) but still the boss should be 3 healable without too much trouble.
    Look at the problems you have in your raid right now (dps) and fix it, so it won't be a massive issue in the heroic modes.
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    Elegon down! we took 3 tries this evening, 3 healers tho, we pushed 5+4 and we had our palatank pulling 107k lol.
    Thanks for help evry1!

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    This fight is not hard. It is all about getting stacks. We 3 healed it and our lowest DPS was 105k and highest was like 128k. Killed it with a minute left on enrage timer.

    Stacking range makes p1 and 3 alot easier but killing balls is much harder. We only had 2 mele and we easily went 6-5. Mele heavy grps should be able to get crazy high stacks.

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    How do you guys handle melee for the last phase? Have them stay in and just have the healers heal through it?

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    Kill 3 balls > let the 4th go and dps the boss in the meanwhile granting 40% more damage taken (80% in the last phase) Worked for us, 2healing that is.

    This is a fight that will be much easier when you get more gear. (Able to kill more sparks more quickly = faster win)

    We whiped for a few hours one raid. then geared up our healer and 1 dps that was stil lacking abit. After that we killed it (Just barely ^^)
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    Quote Originally Posted by docdoom View Post
    How do you guys handle melee for the last phase? Have them stay in and just have the healers heal through it?
    3 healing we just had everyone stay in except the tanks. Range and healers stacked with melee for healing.

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    What's the minimum DPS required from DPSers to beat the enrage? I'm kiiiind of curious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sissadora View Post
    What's the minimum DPS required from DPSers to beat the enrage? I'm kiiiind of curious...
    If you go 2 healers I guess you can get away with everyone at the end having something like 80k dps.

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