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    LFR iLvl req

    the LFR ilvl req is 470? Is that right, or is it a bug?

    I retract my question. In my rush to queue up, I didn't notice that that was the ilvl req for the next two tiers of content. They must not have enabled LFR for MV yet.
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    says 470 on mine as well.
    I was told that it was going to be 463, if they had said 470 i would have bothered with rep
    not sure why bliz has done this

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    They dropped MV requirement to 460.

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    the front page even has a link to a blue saying they're looking into making it 460 instead of 463...
    "We're currently looking into reducing the item level requirement for Mogu'Shan Vaults LFR from 463 to 460. This should mean that more players will be ready to go once LFR is rolled out, but their gear should still be at an appropriate level for the fights."

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    You're looking at the wrong LFR. For MV it is 460. Also before the questions flood in, it should be opening in about 1 hour 40 from the time I made this post.

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    Mogu'shan Vaults is iLevel 460 required!

    The others are iLevel 470 (currently) because by the time they're released, people should've killed a couple of bosses and boosted their iLevel through Mogu'shan Vaults.

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