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    Flame shock as Enhance

    Hey fellow sha-ladies and gentlemen,

    I have a problem with how to get flameshock and Unleash elements to work properly. My sources tell me to refresh flame shock whenever it has less than 3 secs remaining (of its total 24 sec dot). Additionally I feel I should be using UE (15 sec cd) everytime i flame shock, to get the benefit from my flame tongue wepon.

    Sadly these two do not overlap very well, so i feel like I have 4 options:
    - Overwrite flame shock dot every 15 secs (that is a lot of overwriting!)
    - have refresh flame shock every 30 secs, giving me 20% downtime on the DoT.
    - Use UE on CD and disregard the benefit for flame shock
    - USE UE only when FS is about to fall of.

    What do you guys do? Personally I am leaning towards option , but I do not have any math to back up my intuition.


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    Solution - glyph it.

    UE:FT - Flame Shock

    next UE:FT use Fire Nova if AOE/Cleave UNLESS target switching soon


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    You should be using Glyph of Flame Shock. This is not only a direct DPS increase, but also the duration increase means it synchronises nicely with every second UE. As an added bonus, AoE becomes easier to manage and potentially will do more overall damage if you have a large number of mobs who stay alive for a long time.

    Source - Elitist Jerks

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    If you're using the level 90 talent Unleashed Fury you should NEVER wait to recast it. The bonus 30% to lightning bolt and the chance to trigger static shock on auto attacks should make it so you cast it asap. In raids static shock has become my top damaging ability which says something about casting UE hehe.

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    thanks guys. I will look into the glyphs

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