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    If you have an ability that can revive downed players (i.e. Mesmers have a 15 second "fake" revive for downed players, elementalists have an ability that can rez downed players to full health, rangers can send their pet to rez downed players) be sure to pack it and use it when it is possible. . One of the things that new players in dungeons don't often do is revive downed players (sometimes it is hard to notice that someone is downed in the heat of combat). That revive can make the difference between a wipe and a successful kill.

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    Well I finally bit the bullet and did a dungeon last night. It was horrible and I found myself wanting to excuse myself to just log off...but I wanted to finish the damn thing. It was Ascalond Catacombs - Story Mode, which I thought would be really easy. My problems were 2-fold:

    1) The Group - Pugging was probably not the smartest of moves. I've had good success in previous MMO's, and maybe I just got the short straw last night, but 3/5 of the group members were complete boneheads. Only 1 person other than myself bothered managing the downed states of the party, and even then the majority of the group dropped with 1 hit. Obviously there are no meters, but I'm willing to bet 2 members were not pulling their weight in the damage department. Overall it was basically a clustercluck where I (Ranger) had to tank and/or kite the mobs while also trying to rez partymates, and ended up dieing so much my gear completely broke twice. Several bosses just turned into GY zergs which I heard of previously, and now after experiencing them hate the concept.

    2) Dungeon Design: To be blunt...taking away the group shortcomings, the dungeon was obscenely bland. I saw potential for cool moments with the events popping up, like a Troll bursting through the wall. Outside of that moment, and using a boulder on a pressure plate, I found nothing interesting in this dungeon (and this is coming from someone who has been generally pleased with other aspects of the game). I really didn't even notice any interesting mechanics other than the classic "don't stand in the red circle" and "keep these 2 bosses seperated". And actually, I found the "trash" to be a lot more difficult than the "bosses", but that could also have been due to the group handling of the mobs.

    So I don't have any plans to rush back out and have another dungeon experience...Wait, that sounded weird. >_<

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