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    Gara'jal 25m question - spirit world rotation

    Hello all,

    I was hoping to hear from someone who has downed gara'jal on 25m or put in attempts. We begin our first week of raiding tonight, and I hear conflicting suggestions about how to organize the squads that go into the spirit realm.

    Some suggest alternating two groups, essentially trying to maintain 100% uptime of the innervation buff on those DPS. Others say to organize three groups, essentially trying to maintain more innervation-charged DPS on the boss.

    Does anyone have any input? Thank you! :D
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    We used 3 groups with I want to say 3 dps + 1 pally healer in each. Pretty sure we had a mage in each of the three groups as well, and the pally would be able to LoH the mage for insane damage. We also kept 2 dedicated healers outside, a monk and myself (resto shaman). This is how I think it went down, but it was also super late and we got the fight in only a couple of attempts, so I'm not sure how well details were handled...we just kinda went with the flow.
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    We did 3 groups of dps with 6 healers rotating with the dps. Make sure you have backups. Other than that its a pretty easy kill for normal (5 pulls).

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    Use 3 groups. If you use two groups, you basically come out of the spirit world and have to go back down again, having nearly no time to DPS the boss with the buff.

    We hit enrage with around 1/4 of his health (~70 million) while only rotating between two groups, but after we had a third we beat enrage by ~20-30 seconds (Boss died after 5:42 minutes). So a third groups definitly helps.

    Edit: 4 DPS and 1 Healer went down every time, with 1 backup DPS per group because of Voodoo Doll. You still probably have much going on in Teamspeak/Vent if a healer or two people from the same group got Voodoo Doll.

    Edit 2: We also only had 5, maybe 6, healers I think instead of 7 we used at Feng.

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    Thank you guys - especially Marston for the detail. Very helpful! ^^
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    We used two groups and killed it for what it's worth. We had 7 healers.

    Basically one group would be down at any one time, the other group would be up using the DPS buff. You don't have to use all or most of the spirit totems and you can get away with having a number of the minions up down there.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtYLhkLRhWI This is a video of our first kill, I was going down.

    We didn't have any backup DPS and we had a healer order for voodoo dolls. If a DPS missed it, it seemed inconsequential, for us anyway.
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    We used 2 tanks 5 healers 18 mixed DPS. Melee on the boss casters going down.
    Three caster-heavy groups going down. Around 10 secs after going up a new totem spawned, burn rest of cds on boss, then kill totem.
    Just set up some healer backups in case of healers getting vodoo. No DPS rotation was needed as spirits died pretty fast.
    Also, when a group has killed all the spirits just go up.

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