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    Ask Mr Robot Question

    Is it actually correct or is Mr.Robot currently bugged. It doesn't always make me have a perfect 15% hit, not to mention it suggests going for haste over crit than after one upgrade crit over haste. Also suggests gemming stright Haste or Stright Crit gems. Can anyone confirm that its bugged or is it actually correct atleast for boomkins

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    Also it suggests that the Dragon trinket from Eng is BiS with Expertise/Hit/Spirit (1800 Hit rating)

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    it's horribly wrong with virtually everything regarding druids.

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    As far as reforging 15% Hit>Crit>Haste>Mastery or 15% hit>Haste Breakpoint (What is the number??)>Crit>Haste>Mastery As well as gemming do we do stright int and cross gems if you gain more int from it? anyone know

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    Hey, I'm one of the people from Ask Mr. Robot. I hope I can answer a few of your questions

    1. Hit Caps: It's actually often not ideal to get exactly to the hit cap. It sounds counter intuitive, but here's an exaggerated example to try to explain: Let's say Haste is your best secondary stat and Mastery your worst stat. Now, to get exactly to the hit cap, let's say you need to reforge all of your Haste to Hit. This could happen, since there are a finite number of ways to reach the hit cap exactly. Now, let's say Mr. Robot can get you to 0.05% of the hit cap, but reforges all of your Mastery to hit instead. This means he's preserved your best secondary stat, which will get you more DPS, even if you miss once or twice per boss fight. Here's a link to a blog post I made with some more examples.

    2. Haste breakpoints: Mr. Robot's default is set to get you to 35.47% Haste. This already includes the 5% raid buff you provide as well as Nature's Grace. Note, things may have changed if you looked at Mr. Robot's optimizations earlier this week and came back today. Last night we changed the optimizer to include Nature's Grace's 15% Haste buff. We got a lot of user feedback that people are seeing about 80% uptime on that buff, so it made sense to include that in the optimizations.

    3. Gems. It's all based on math. Here's an example. Let's say you have a Red socket with +60 Haste socket bonus. The stat weights are 3.66 Int and 2 Haste.
    - 320 Haste Gem: (320*2) = 640
    - 80 Int & 160 Haste: (80*3.66) + (160*2) + (60*2) = 292.8 + 320 + 120 = 732.8
    - 160 Int Gem: (160*3.66) + (60*2) = 585.6 + 120 = 705.6

    In this example, the hybrid gem wins!

    Now, let's assume it's a yellow socket with +60 Haste. Everything else is equal:
    - 320 Haste Gem: (320*2) + (60*2) = 640 + 120 = 760
    - 80 Int & 160 Haste: (80*3.66) + (160*2) + (60*2) = 292.8 + 320 + 120 = 732.8
    - 160 Int Gem: (160*3.66) = 585.6

    In this example, the pure Haste gem wins.

    Mr. Robot does all of the math for you So he picks whichever one gives you the highest score. You'll notice if you play around with stat weights, his gem suggestions change. It's all automatic

    Tinkabela, if you can give examples of what you think is wrong, I can look into it. It's either a misunderstanding of the tool, or a bug.

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    Its the same for me. When MMO wrote that Askmrrobot had been updated I went ahead and checked it out, it suggested that I should go crit all the way, nothing about haste, it was behind crit in the priority list aswell. Then a few days ago when I checked it all of a sudden wanted me to change every stat into haste, so I tried to change it, logged out of wow and updated the robot, then it wanted me to reforge ALMOST everything back to crit, so I did, then it wanted me to reverse to haste again. So I gave up and I cant trust that damn robot now. I've looked around abit at "elite" druids on the armory and they're all still going crit with their reforges, and they're going 80 int 160 crit gems in slots which provide atleast 60 int. So my guess is that its bugged because haste isnt better then crit atm. It cant be.

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    Haste is much better in low level gear, with Wrathcalcs backing it up.

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    Ok for instance . http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/u...yon/eggomelets click on trinket and overall BiS It says Essense>Relic>Ghost iron Dragonling with 1800 Hit rating -.-? How does that make sense maybe Im just missing something idk but like before I got 2 upgrades i told me go full out crit now that I got the chest/Belt it suggests stacking haste

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    I think it can be a great tool, since the math is often very timeconsuming. However i would love for mister robot to work with rating instead of percentages, for instance the tab stat weight, i would love to be able to just put in go to (example)6000 haste. This would make it a lot simpler and easier to work with in my eyes, instead of messing with weights etc.

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    Ask Mr.Robot sometimes mess up gems.
    I have a yellow, multi, yellow belt and a red socket in legs.
    It suggests me to use:
    Red, red, yellow in belt and yellow in leggings. This does not make sense. If i lock the correct red gem in leggings then It recognize the error and put the appropriate gem in the belt and show an higher overall score.

    Try to optimize my character with askmrrobot, lock the mastery enchant on bracers because i don't have the intellect one, the weapon enchant because jade serpent for an entry weapon is too much and use the smaller crit enchant on legs, let askmrrobot optimize everything else.
    With the same gear and enchants (except the fact that i use haste on boots because it's better and allows me to reforge more crit rather than a speed+mastery enchant that sucks)
    Wrathcalc tells me that I'll do 300 more dps the way i've reforged/enchanted/gemmed the character vs AskMrRobot suggestion. Is it worth using that tool?

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