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    Razer naga left button is now middle....

    My razer naga buttons have completely messed, the right one doesn't even work anymore and the left one doesn't let me click on certain things.Left thinks it is the middle one.Does anyone know what is going on? I plugged it to another computer which never used it before with same result .All other buttons work properly.
    the mouse doesn't have warranty...

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    I always hear of nagas going bad, i want one but its posts like this that make me think, no, its not worth the hassle, it sounds like the mouse is dead/faulty mate.

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    Could be you changed the layout through the software. But im currently having issues myself, orderd a set of contact spray to fix my double clicking issue.

    Wondering if i otherwise should buy a new mouse. Ah well it has worked for 2 years now its nots as reliable as my g400 (which is working for 3-4-5 years now? )

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    Could someone else have messed with your stuff? The driver lets you remap all of the main buttons, so take a look there and see if it's been intentionally changed.

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    1)Try reinstalling firmware from their site.
    2)Open it up and clean it well.
    3)Go buy another mouse >.<

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    Check your button mapping.

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    Had the same since i updated the drivers. After i rolled back to the old ones it worked fine again.

    Other question. Anyone with a naga has the problem that the left mouse click doesnt react much or double clicks? It drives me mad.

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    I reinstalled firmware like lefrog suggested.Works like as charm again

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