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    Assassination H Feng AOE DPS

    What do you guys think is the maximum AOE dps rotation for the Soul Fragments on H Feng?

    Right now I currently do the following rotation:

    Build up 10 CP on Feng
    Redirect to one of the Soul Fragments
    Crimson Tempest X 2
    FoK up to 5CP and CT again

    By doing this, I get up to about 1.6-1.8 million damage on one add phase. (ilvl 470)

    I also tried putting on my legendaries to see what that would do. I always got one proc during the AOE phase which lead to more CT, but was a detriment to my overall single target and I didn't feel it increased my AOE burst damage enough to keep using them.

    I am looking through some logs. It looks like some rogues might just be tab targeting and FOK + rupture? Or staying on boss, FoKing + rupture? I can't really tell through logs, but I see more than a couple not using CT at all.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I Went combat for this fight myself and usually do the most among my raid (5,195,922 (17%) with 2 add phases). I -DID- however hold my CDs, as those annoying little guys were what was stopping our progression,we mastered the other phases easier.

    That being said, I would imagine that with 6 targets casting CT twice would not be worth it. CT's up front damage is less than impressive, but the DoT is decent after the buff. Casting it twice in a row completely negates the DoTs from the first one. I would imagine envenom -> CT would be better, giving your CT as well as your FoK's a 15% higher chance to proc your poisons. I would also make sure to have a rupture rolling and refreshed on the boss before you build up your 10.

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    We had little trouble with adds on Feng: we have mage, lock, dk in our comp
    I started with full rupture on Feng (assasination), then tabbed between adds with FoK and 1-point Rupture. Then I spamed FoK and Envenom on boss and when adds were sub-35% I Dispathed down the close ones. I managed to do 4,5-4,8 mil on adds total (we had 2 add phases every time).
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    Prepare (before the adds spawn):
    - Slice and Dice has high uptime (25s and more).
    - Rupture has high uptime.
    - Get 10 combopoints (as you told)

    Adds will spawn:
    - First time Envenom.
    - Second time CT.
    (Redirect is not necessary)
    - Build CP with FoK.

    May your other DPS classes must do more than you.
    (example: first wave: fury/arms CD, second wave: feral CD -> CD means DPS CD from this Class)

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    So we killed it last night. I would say AOE damage was probably still our biggest "omgpleasedontmessup" part of the fight. I changed my rotation to do one 5pt envenom and then a CT instead of a double CT. it ended up being something like this:

    Get full SnD
    Get full rupture
    Build 10 CP

    Redirect to add
    5pt Envenom
    5pt CT
    FoK to build combo points.

    I could do about 2.0 million per phase, depending on how the other group members did. (if the lock got a good burst off in the beginning, my poisons/CT don't have as long to tick, or as many things to tick on)

    I didn't get to try the tab-target 1CP ruptures, though. That may be the way to go. But I imagine this will be a non-issue in a couple weeks when gear levels rise. Anyway, rogue AOE when there are between 3-9 targets seems really awkward. It was kind of fun to preemptively use anticipation, though.

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    You guys absorbed every other pack with the tank immunity shield, right? Other than that, make sure you're fairly far away from the boss and grouped right on top of each other. We didn't have trouble with Feng; we actually killed him on a pretty terrible attempt. I think we only had to AoE one pack before he phase changed.

    FoK+1CP Ruptures feels the best for AoE unless there's a MASSIVE amount of adds; CT may be better in that case. I have no numbers to back this up, but it feels nicer. If CT procced VW, that would make our AoE feel a lot better.

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