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    Quote Originally Posted by TheeTova View Post
    Just thought I'd throw up the most recent information from my blog!

    Tooth And Claw
    Dodge Stat Weight With Savage Defence
    Guardian Druid BiS Items Breakdown
    Greatly appreciated as always.

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    Tooth And Claw
    Couple things:

    1) Your T&C formula is incorrect.
    2) Doesn't account for successive T&C absorbs stacking together (as seen in this log:
    3) I'm not sure I understand what kind of circumstances you are attempting to replicate here. There doesn't exist a fight where T&C is usable, and you constant have damage that's reduced by armor but isn't a melee swing. There are some with specials sure, but your Vengeance calculation doesn't reflect that if what I'm reading is supposed to be a special attack.
    4) Not sure what you mean by "The cooldown of Maul is less than the melee attack speed of the boss." - since that's not actually possible on any fight this tier (excluding Incarnation). Did you mean the opposite?
    5) Didn't include playing nice with Dodge (ie. debuff will remain on the target until it actually hits you).

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