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    [MSV] The Spirit Kings

    So we seem have everything nailed down on this boss except that damn "Maddening Shout". How are you guys handling this? How would you guys recommend aoeing with this comp: bear, blood dk, frost dk, unholy dk, hunter, lock, resto shammy, resto druid, rogue, shadow priest?

    From a healing perspective, it seems like you can't heal ppl until they take those 40k damage (not sure, can anyone confirm?), do you guys pop a healing CD before to top ppl off? Or after to recover? We lost ppl that had low health at the start of maddening shout, they ended up dead before we could break/heal them... This is what I gto from the Icy Veins Guide

    When Maddening Shout is about to be cast, healers must use healing and defensive cooldowns, since the damage from Maddening Shout, when coupled with the damage from Massive Attacks, can be very dangerous
    Can you guys confirm we can pop healing cds (i.e. tranq) during the maddening shouts? Or that doing it so will only be a waste because when ppl are hostile they don't get your heals?
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    Just have people spam AOE that doesn't involve DoTs. Have your spriest do mind sear and your DKs do Blood Boil without the talent that spreads disease (have them respec before the fight, Tomes are cheap).

    DBM timers are almost dead on for the shout minus a few seconds, just make sure people are topped and stacked. Very easy mechanic.

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    Use light AOE that doesn't apply a debuff. I found out early on that using Thrash would keep the damage reduction debuff on our team mates so I stopped using that and simply went with a single Swipe as my attack of choice. It doesn't take much to break out of it, just stack up and be prepared.
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