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    Survival opening rotation?

    What's the ideal opening rotation now? My sources of hunter information haven't had anything on this.

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    I do: Explosive shot, BA, Glaive Toss, Lynx Rush, Dire beast (if specced), RF, Esplosive shot, Readiness, Lynx Rush, Explosive shot, BA (on a 2nd target if there is one otherwise drop a explosive trap under the boss if it will stay there for the majority of the duration), Dire beast, RF, Serpent sting, Explosive shot. After that its normal "rotation".

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    Serpent Sting first so you get the 10% increased damage.

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    I am opening with BA, ES, DB, GT, RF, Stampede, building focus with CS then AMOC, then ES...not applying SrS until after readiness and having refired ES, BA and DB and GT.

    The tricky part after those first 6 steps is having to pool focus for AMOC, dealing with any LnL, and using readiness right after an ES (or even waiting for DB to come off CD again; as long as you have a fight at least 6 minutes long, there is no penalty for delaying the readiness till this point, since you will still will get 2 in the fight). Thus, because of the uncertainty on the timing of the LnL and small variations in focus regen (till you have 60 for AMOC), it is more a priority than a strict sequence.

    Would be interested in other people's thoughts on this...

    The main thinking was that I want to start fishing for a LnL proc right away with BA, and SrS dps is very low (and no longer provides a damage buff when active, despite what previous poster stated) and missing out for some number of seconds less damage loss on SrS is much less than an early LnL is a damage gain.

    I got this idea from Icy Veins post (go down to 5.6): http://www.icy-veins.com/survival-hu...owns-abilities
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    Quote Originally Posted by clampy View Post
    Serpent Sting first so you get the 10% increased damage.
    Noxious Stings was removed with 5.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namor of Muradin View Post
    then AMOC,
    Sorry to ask, but what is AMOC?

    EDIT: A murder of crows, got it.
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    Readiness > Rapid fire > Stampede > Crows > Xplo > BA > GT > DB > Arc > SS > Cobra.

    So start at Stampede, than Crows, than RF, Readiness and do it again when they run off; and then get into your rotation; I like Xplo > BA in case you proc LnL with the first tick of BA you can get the famed 4 in a row Xplo.

    Prepot or precast cobra if that is your thing.
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    I would probably go with Explosive>Black Arrow>Rapid Fire>Stampede>Crow/Lynx>DB>Explosive(probably got a LnL proc at this point or shortly after)>Multi Shot to apply Serpent Sting>Readiness

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