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    Someone explain this to me please? (Assassination)

    So, I did LFR yesterday and this rogue was topping the meters by a good margin.

    I know he's got 20+ ilevel above me and all, but there's a couple things I'm not following.

    The expertise cap is 7.50% and yet he's going for 10.50% as far as I could tell.

    Hit cap is around 7.5% too and he's going for 5.8%.

    Is it worth to go over expertise cap for normal attacks proccing poisons?

    How come he's got less mastery than I do, when I have ilvl 463? Isn't mastery the best secondary stat for assassination?

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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    From where I sit, on his armory he's currently missing an enchant and 3 gems (note: both pieces have not been reforged and both have expertise). His reforging "suggests" he was trying to get mastery > haste > crit but that's some guesswork based on a quick glance and his caps currently being way off. Check back tomorrow or the day after to see if his armory has changed?

    It's worth noting that only 6 pieces of his gear even have base mastery and he was reforging into expertise, so if you're looking at the total, it's not surprising it'd be low.

    As for some of the reasoning: if it becomes valuable to get more auto-attacks in, you'd never EVER go under the hit cap, since missing with the extra poison chances you're fighting for would be backstabbing your own damage meter. It's not, to my knowledge, worth going over either the hit or expertise 7.5% caps for any of our specs.
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    EDIT: Seems like armory was fucking up or something. His reforging looks "perfect" now, as does his gemming and enchanting.
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    Or he got some new gear and logged off in random reforging. Armory had some problems with updating recently.

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    He got cloak and belt 20 hours ago, both of which have Expertise on them. He just hasn't reforged+enchanted+gemmed yet, or armory hasn't updated it yet.

    Edit: Also, I'd guess he's capping Expertise(normally) over Mastery for a more reliable rotation and/or ability to swap to Combat for a boss without reforging all his gear(which is pretty casual, heh).
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