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    Need a little help with raid comp

    I'm mainly a little uncertain of what the best choices are for the last two spots:


    Basically, it comes down to ele shaman and holy/disc priest vs resto shaman and spriest.

    What would you recommend? Or is the difference neglible?

    Oh, and the mage/rogue/hunter speccs I'm uncertain of, will probably be fight dependant in the end, but I wouldn't mind some pointers there. I'll most likely be sticking to fury, though.

    Note: raid comp says no rebirth, but if our guardian druid gives our holy paladin symbiosis = holy paladin has rebirth.

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    Based off of your team comp I would personally suggest the Resto Shaman and Shadow Priest route.

    Elemental Shamans bring as much raid utlity as a Shadow Priest does but with the Wrath buff no longer being exclusive to the spec it makes sense to go the optimum route for your healers. Restoration Shamans bring so much to the table now compared to Cata that you cannot pass it up.

    Ultimately though, the more Shamans you have in your raid the better you will do overall. Stormlash totems do not stack but they can be chained one after another like the old school Heroism days of TBC.

    Honestly, bring whichever comp performs the best. Better player can outshine nonoptimum raid comps.

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    Mana Tide plus a 4th (mass) dispell and as a shadow he can still use both hymns. But i'd just ask them what they prefer on the long run and that's about it.

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    Well we need to find people (we're starting to realize that our old priest isn't coming back for mop like we thought), so I'll go based on what we can find (people with brains can be hard to find) but with a slight preference for rsham. Thanks for the help.

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