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    Assassination PvP - Talent choices?

    What do you all roll with? Currently I'm specced into:

    - Shadow focus
    - Nerve Strike
    - Cheat Death
    - SHS
    - Prey on the Weak

    Working pretty well so far, maybe thinking about replacing the T1 talent with Subterfuge.

    Open to opinions/thoughts.
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    -shadow focus : I need all the energy i can get and suberfuge fucks with my bars.
    -Nerves strike
    -Leeching poison/cheat death: Tried leeching at 85 and i didn't like it, but at 90 combined with recupe glyph it "almost" feels like pre 5.0.4. Cheat death for arenas.. "ONE SHOT, oh he had cheat death... that's disapointing!"
    -shs: i love it to much to play without it.
    -Dirty tricks because i love when people trinket a kidney or cheap shot. Let them eat a full blind fully doted.
    -Shuriken toss/versatility: Shuriken toss for duels or fun in bgs, it's actually very usefull. Versatility for arenas, for obvious reasons.

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