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    Warlocks one-shotting in 2v2

    What's up? I just played arenas as fury warrior & boomkin vs. warlock & warrior. Basically my boomkin friend was being one-shotted by the warlock alone from 95% to 10% with a single chaos bolt.

    We both wear decent PvP-gear (ilvl 474) but the damage is still ridiculous.

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    its currently impossible to have full pvp gear and have an ilvl of 474, good try though.

    and going from 95% to 10% from 1 chaos bolt? i want to meet this warlock that is critting for over 300k

    way to over exaggerate and make yourself look dumb.

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    300k Chaos bolt in PvP would account for a 600k Chaos bolt normally. Isn't that something like 25,000 spell power? Also, a one shot is 100% - 0%.

    I am also wondering why you and your boomkin friend didn't stick to the lock and blow him up? Dem peeps are squishy.

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    I got crit like 200k instantly (two direct hits) by a warlock but i still won anyways cause of my awesome 300k instant heal cds.

    170k+60k=230k hmmm..

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    Yes, yes. WoW pvp is beyond fucked up and dead. Nothing to see here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirv3s View Post
    I just played arenas as fury warrior & boomkin
    I underlined your problem. x

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