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    Question about the 5man rolling system

    So last night I was doing a 5man with some guildies and a PuG tank, a 2h dropped and I rolled need, and so did the tank, he won it, when I questioned his actions, he said I rolled Greed, but I was looking at my screen which said I rolled NEed as well as him. So my question is, why did they change it to where you can't see what other people roll until the item is distributed?

    Also, has anyone else had a problem rolling need on an OS item, only to realize you unintentionally ninja'd someone's gear? In my case, I have always given up the item, or I message the people that may need it and tell them that i am going to roll need on my off spec stuff, and if it MS for them to let me know, and I will gladly hand it over to them. I kind of feel this is a very unnessecary step to take, when prior to MoP I can see if a tank needed an item, and I will just pass it over.

    This has been my only issue since the release of this expansion, and it seems to be an ongoing issue, and highly annoying when you have people trying to rush through a 5man, and you're actually trying to be fair about gear.

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    You can type /roll and it will show you what people rolled.

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    Well then, that answers that lol. Thanks.

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    There's an addon that does that too.

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    Just click the word [Loot] in chat and it will open the loot window showing who rolled what, you can also enable the auto opening of that box every time you roll on a blue or higher item in the options.

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    Thanks guys, not sure how I missed that. Thus should make everything a bit easier.

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