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    Blood Tap versus Runic Empowerment/Elegon Dps imporovment

    This is my first post so i cant post links. If you could please help go to WoL->Realms->United Stats->Hyjal-US->Kasual The logs i want to refer in part one is my SpiritBinder kill and the second one is the 12 Elegon attempts (6 in each log)

    So 2 part thread for me. The first part is about a talent issue. It seems to me, that having control over my rune return should result in a better dps increase even though it does not net the rune return. However more frost dks are using Runic Empowerment as it has better net return on runes but less control. I was told i should be using empowerment today by my raid leader so I ran LFR kind of half heartedly until i got to Spiritbinder. My logs on 10m is 62k with blood tap but (although i didnt log it) I saw a 10k dps loss on that fight using empowerment while doing my rotation correctly, dual potting with flask and food buff. Can anyone explain this. I understand it is one parse but it was just to get a point across.

    Part 2 of the thread elegon progression.

    Although our longest fight between those 2 logs are only 5 minutes...I feel i should be doing more damage. Im averaging about 70k on that fight. This granted that our strategy has me and the rogue doing protectors (3 of them) on the edge of the energy vortex and that my guild does the pillars in 2 groups rather than solo. I was looking at the higher ranked dk log wipes that are roughly 4 minutes long are doing 30k more dps than I am. I feel confident in my abilities normally but on this fight im not sure of myself. Any help is appreciated thank you.

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    Hard to judge without seeing logs for your LFR run, but it could possibly be because you entered the spirit realm less and so got the buff from leaving the spirit realm less. Or something like that.

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    bWell on both fights i went full on patchwerk. I only stayed on the boss for the entire time not doing anything else. But the logs are just one example of what i noticed to be alot less dps in general due to lack of rune control.

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    For elegon, the major difference is probably the amount of orb sets they get down vs your group, and/or since they kill at it you dont (assuming that since you said attempts, didnt look up logs) they have more time spent on the burn phase with dmg increase and soul reapers.

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    Elegon Logs:

    The log i was comparing to was this:

    After giving up trying to compare full dps i looked at his 4 minute attempt where he did 100k to my 70-80k. After removing the spark killing i was about 10-12k dps off. Thats alot more than i am normally used to.

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    If you're 2H frost, there is no real way to improve throughput over RE by timing blood tap. Every rune returned by RE can be used to Obliterate, and that is what you want to do. I suppose you might get greater soul reaper uptime during execute periods, but frost doesn't have a major problem maintaining SR without BT, unlike unholy.

    If you're DW frost, RE is mandatory because you want to spam howling blast and game RE against unholy runes.

    Basically your sample size was way too small, so you the RNG provided weird results.

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