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    MOP Arena impression

    New Expansion and new Season just showing off again how serious Blizzard takes balance in PvP and how "high" on a priority list it is for the release. I think this is most imbalanced start I have ever seen.

    1. Last minute decisions with no explanations - No MMR reset, No entry level PvP weapons
    2. Symbiosis working in arena (thanks blizz as a holy paladin for "Rebirth" rly usefull while mages gets Healing Touch or Priest Cyclone)
    3. Warriors = 10 man raid boss (the damage is too high indeed on cooldowns but wtf is that selfhealing?), BM hunters - no comments, Mage frost bomb combo, Lock 140k Chaos Bolts etc, etc, selfhealing overall totaly OP
    4. Due to insane damage (even when wearing full Dreadful) ppl are dying in few seconds to double or triple dps FOTM comps
    5. Too much cooldowns - when do they plan to stop adding new buttons to press?

    Absolutely no reason to play this until a patch comes. Really sad to see what they released.
    Rock: "We're sub-standard DPS. Nerf Paper, Scissors are fine."
    Paper: "OMG, WTF, Scissors!"
    Scissors: "Rock is OP and Paper are QQers. We need PvP buffs."

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    1. I fully agree on this...Making players that don't enjoy PVE to go raid or farm that one dungeon that drops an epic wep is retarded.
    2. Haha i don't even know what to say... I'm a rogue i get growl. WAY TO GO BLIZZ! EXCELLENT!
    3. I don't think warriors deal that much damage outside of avatar and other cds. But still second wind is hard to nuke down when you don't play 2/3 dps.
    4. I remember some blue post way back in beta where they said arena's would probablly last longer due to the baseline 30% pvp ressi. That doesn't help if the damage is retarded. "Balancing numbers".
    5. I like new things, adapting to new playstyles. But i don't like when some are alot better than others.

    I'm still going to play.. even if things are bad i still enjoy arenas.

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    I couldn't agree with this more

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    all those 5 reasons made me buy gw2

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    Or how about nearly every class has 5 or 6 stuns
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    All very true

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    1. Too much heal. Every class has a heal. And healers and hybdrids do heal too much too fast.
    2. Too much Silence, Fear, Stun, CC in general.
    3. Too much Defensive Cooldowns. Especially Druids are totaly out of control. I am not talking battleground honor grinding, but more arena. You just cant kill a restoration druid. He probably has more spells than all classes from vanilla WoW combined.
    4. Hunters Pets.
    5. Stealth. It feels like 9 out of 10 classes have some weird stealth cooldonws getting away shit. Most annoyingly druids.
    6. 2on2 Every match is 45 Minute and 3on3 50% of the matches are instagib.

    Best thing I would come up with is a rework of the new talent trees. Too many cooldown spells in it, although every class already has so many. Involving more passive spells into the talent tree. And chaning many glyphs. Every glyph feels useless for PvE but mandatory for PvP.
    But i guess we wont see these changes happening.

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    if you think about pvp wow is beyond repairing... they should pretty much change everything if they wanted to fix it and that would affect pve so you should do it in TR real and make different patches in there, but that will be just too much work and money for blizzard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higghonspeed View Post
    2. Haha i don't even know what to say... I'm a rogue i get growl. WAY TO GO BLIZZ! EXCELLENT!
    Symbiosis: Gain the aspect of a bear, taunting any currently targeted enemy to attack you for 3 sec. After use, increases armor by 330% and Stamina by 20%, and reduces chance to be hit by melee critical strikes by 6% for 30 sec. Useable with no target. Its far from useless imo.

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    Must be hard for Blizzard to make spells work different on pvp and pve targets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naturetauren View Post
    Must be hard for Blizzard to make spells work different on pvp and pve targets.
    They have variables to adjust balance for anything now. They just nerfed all PvP healing and absorbs by 15% today. By scaling that number, resilience, and PvP power they can set up PvP number balance perfectly without affecting anything else. It's just a matter of whether they care, and I don't think they do. The fact that they nerfed healing before certain damage classes is very telling.

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    And I was about to renew my sub....eh, such WoW's PvP is a insane "stay away" for me. Too much CC and I guess that 15% healing nerf didn't change the "unkillable 1on1 healers" thing. Eh, the only pvp mmo now is dull Gw2 left which also failed (F U MESMERS!)
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    They said 90 would fix it. The same problems we had at 85, we do have now.

    - Locks insane crits with chaos
    - 2-3 classes facerolling others
    - healing way too strong.
    ... wa wa wa...

    Nothing to do here, back to PVE.

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    1.Destro locks sucked all of Cata

    2.this is pretty much true

    3.i thought healing was fine in Cata, you ever fought a ret, dk, healer or triple dps. Healers died in Cata if u timed your stuff correctly. Now they just live because most of them just spam instants. in Cata it was really just paladins.
    You're right except for 2 things.

    1. My name is spelt "God" not "Loucious-sama".
    2. I'm not a man, because man is inherently flawed. I am in fact a being so far beyond your comprehension that archaic constraints like flesh, blood, time and consequently, gender, have no meaning to me.

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    Fix hunters and partly warriors please. It's beyond me why the first balance patch haven't arrived yet.

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    taunt actually has some use in pvp. you can taunt pets away from their targets, substantially reducing a BM hunter's burst damage on a team mate. Also increasing your armor by 330% and stamina by 20% can have a significant impact on a physical dps class.

    I agree though not everybody gets useful pvp things from symbiosis, it's too variable. some combos are useless, some are OP.

    BM hunters and warriors are destroying any semblance of arena balance.

    There is far, FAR to much CC flying around now. If you aren't stunned you are silenced. if you aren't silenced you are feared. if you aren't feared you are stunned. if you have none you are dead.

    The game is all about cooldowns and anti-cooldowns now. Blizzard designed pvp now so that you can only kill somebody in a burst window with all hail mary cooldowns popped, but then the healer can anti-burst you with their defensive cooldowns.

    PVP is just not in a good state at all at the moment.

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    PvP in WoW has 2 major issues:

    1. The game is a bit bloated. There's a lot of classes and all those classes have a lot of abilities. Add that to the fact that blizzard wants classes to be equal AND unique at the same time and you have a recipe for disaster.

    2. PvP simply isn't the main focus for Blizzard. If they wanted to they could've balanced the abilities separately for PvP and PvE but they choose not to.

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    Yeah so far I'm not too happy with the PVP balance I have no idea why they bother giving us healing reducing abilities that barely are noticed by healers.

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    To me, Blizzard can easily fix the WoW's PvP with 2 moves:
    1. Reduce healing by even 90%. Healers on PVP? PVP is about fisting each other, not healing. Currently GW2 and MOBA wins PvP wise. Look at LoL, healing there is only for supportive role, just to make u live a second longer, not become invincible. And don't tell me that healing classes can't pvp then...because u have shadow priests etc. Play them.
    2. Reduce CC to max 2 sec + each CC used shrotly after another has 20% less duraton.

    Do those two and I assure u that PvP will have 10 times bigger playerbase's attention. And I don't care about any Blizz's stupid response aka excuse why they won't do it (because some ppl wanna heal on pvp etc). Just do it and see the results. U wanna heal? Go PvE. PvP is all about fighting, even in LoL supports do have dmg abilities and they do dmg.

    PvP isn't their main focus? Damn, they have enough money to get more ppl and pay them for designing PvP separetly. More better design = bigger audience = more money. Shall I send them my Cv and ideas? I bet that Metzen's ego will rage over it and say "NO, ME AND MY FRIENDS DECIDE HERE! GTFO!" heh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaughty8 View Post
    PVP is about fisting each other, not healing.
    That does not sound like the kind of PvP action I want to be involved in.

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