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    Brewmaster: Suggestions on Macro's and Addons!!

    I normally don't ever even consider using Addons, however since I'm playing a whole new class and learning all the ins and outs of it I will take all the help I can get. If anyone has any suggestions on Macros and Addons for Tanking please be kind enough to inform me constructively what I should use. Currently at lvl 88 and will be today or tomorrow lvl 90. Basically, what I mean by saying that is that I would like to get used to the Macro's and Addons ahead of time instead of looking ill-prepared for heroics. I also am not new to tanking, its all I know as I've only tanked in this game since pre-bc on my warrior then from wrath on on my DK. I am looking for some constructive Criticism on what to use/not use!!

    Oh and are there any addons out yet when to use Purifying Brew!

    Thanks so much guys/gals!!

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    Only Macro I use is: /run SetRaidTarget("target", 8); to have the Maintarget on one of the 14 Mousebuttons :P
    I plan on using an Addon to have Stacks and Times of my Defencive in a better view, but currently its enough to look at my buff-bar.

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    If you check out my guide, there's a small section that links some addons that are pretty useful to us.

    As for macros, the only one I use is for provoke to hit my statue.

    #showtooltip provoke
    /target Black Ox Statue
    /cast Provoke

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    I've always found focus macros quite important when raiding, especially as a tank.
    I haven't tanked anything on my monk yet, but I can imagine macros like this one being quite handy:
    /cast [target=focus, modifier:alt] Spear Hand Strike, Spear Hand Strike

    You could eventually change the SHS with the taunt. This just makes taunting so much easier imo.

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