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    someone make a PVP guide


    havent played for a long time. i feel like i totally suck at pvp now. i deal no dmg outside of cooldowns and get destroyed by almost everyone half decent.

    someone make a guide pls. affl or destro.


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    If you are going to be playing in 2's it's pretty mandatory to roll with a Holy paladin (or ret) as without blessing of protection, you WILL die to any BM hunter or Arms Warrior that so much as looks at you.

    Other than that, from a Destro PoV, when you start the fight, it's tempting to use Chaosbolt to apply pressure off the bat... Do not do this! Ever!

    Start the fight by building embers (always always always keep curse of enfeeblement on your targets) using havoc whenever you can.

    When you go to do a burst, make sure you have forced the enemy to use some sort of defensive cooldown already, be it your teammate is assisting you, or you relentlessly apply pressure.

    As soon as you've seen any defensive cooldown being used, wait for it to expire, throw a CC on your nuke target, pop dark soul and trinket, havoc the CC'd target, chaosbolt the nuke target follow it up with 2 conflagrates.

    From there, do as the situation requires, re-apply CC's, continue pressure, execute... Whichever you like.

    I roll with a holy paladin because using embers on ember tap is just a delayed death sentence.

    Pro tip: When fighting a shaman, warrior, warlock, deathknight, hunter, monk, mage or anything that has a pet or a secondary target (banners, pets, totems, statues) make sure to do the following -

    When aligning for nuke target, have at least 3 embers ready. Get the secondary target to execute phase (-20%) with felflame, conflagrate, whatever...

    Use havoc on your nuke target, cast chaosbolt (twice if you can), use shadowburn on the secondary target, havoc will copy it onto your nuke target.
    As you will kill the secondary target with shadowburn, you will be refunded 2 embers.
    Your nuke target will most likely be in execute phase, proceed to dump your remaining 2 embers on the nuke target.

    I was playing vs. shaman/warlock earlier tonight and managed to get the elemental and felhunter to execute phase, havoc the lock, shadowburn both pets and then shadowburn the lock.

    He didn't know what happened, but he died pretty quick. I also do this to warriors when they pop their banners... use their cooldowns against them!
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    I play with a shadowpriest in 2s. If you manage to abuse the demonic gateway you can outplay any melee. Destro is the least target you want to try to kill due to the amount of defensive CDs warlocks have now + ember tap. Run with grimoire of supremacy and the observer and spec sacrificial pact.

    Position yourself properly and abuse demonic portal/gateway and brogrip from your SP partner. Coordinate a CC proper, pop cds and win. I only lost once in 2s this season and that was to double BM hunter killing me through unending resolve and sac.

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    i just feel like im getting killed so damn fast. outside of defensive cds a hunter can pretty much kill me in 2-3 globals - me having full pvp gear (all the honor blues and 1 malevolent). feels like im having to work fucking hard to do any noticable dmg at all, while others can just fucking rape me like it was nothing.

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