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    Yes I get bored at times. So I don't log in for a while. Then I get a craving or my fiance wants to play with me and I log in again.
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    I've been pretty bored for awhile now. My little brother and a few friends of mine that decided to play have all quit already. I am in a large guild, but feel like there is absolutely no reason to even talk to them. IDK, this game is missing something, pretty sure it's the fun factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeek Daniels View Post
    think he means from GW1 to GW2. Else the statment doesnt make sense. but if he played GW1 he should have been up to date on what GW2 was doing so why did he buy the game in the first place.
    Not necessarily. My guild from GW1 are mostly made up of casual & GW1 only gamers. A lot of them did not do a lot of research into GW2 and were shocked by some concepts. Legendary weapons, dungeon tokens, dodging, jumping puzzles, runes [not a day goes by where someone doesn't ask for clarification on this] and the crafting all took quite a few on my GW1 guildies off guard.
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    It's really a pcik-up and play game. Sometimes I get bored of it so I -GASP - stop playing for a little bit. And that's okay. GW2 has made me realize that its okay to put down an MMO for a while, do something other things for a bit, and then come back and play when I'm feeling up to it. There's nothing wrong with it either. I definitely will be buyingexpacs and extra content whenever that comes our way, but I don't feel OBLIGATED to play the game, and that's extremely refreshing for me.

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    For me, its different. There were some days outside of school, like weekends, where I played pretty much the entire day. Those days were the best I had when it came to playing video games. Just this last weekend I didn't play at all, well just talked with a friend and that's it. I am not bored but I can't believe what stress does to a person. You don't even feel like playing games afterwards. Sometimes I am sicken by the fact that school does this.

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    I haven't gotten bored. I don't play as much as a few weeks ago but I have lot of other things in my life to do. Looking forward to how this game progresses.

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    Boredom, or better yet, a lack of surprise is setting in a little, but I don't think that's a bad thing or unexpected. I've played a good deal since release, and simply can't continue playing at this rate anyhow.. like Doozerjun, I've other hobbies etc that require attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kickinwing View Post
    I've found myself logging in less and less over the past few days.
    I loved the game in the BWE's and when it first came out, but now that it has lost the "oooo new shiny!" it doesn't seem to have the staying power to keep being enjoyable. I was a die-hard fan of this game but now I'm kind of losing the faith so to speak. I'm not even level 80 yet (51 engi 61 guardian and a couple other low level alts) and I'm bored. I log on, and then 10-20 minutes later I log off, nothing 'exciting' to do.

    I know there is plenty of content to do, I'm just not enjoying it anymore. Anyone else feeling the same?
    Is it the game, or the genre in general your bored with? Because I am guessing that you have already put in well more hours then you would put into any single player RPG... I know for me I still enjoy the game very much, but I don't treat it like a MMORPG, I play once or twice a week currently and play many other single player games at the same time. Back 5-6 years ago I would play MMOs 2-5 hours a day 5 days a week but there have been a few things that changed for me since then the major one being that back then I use to work a retail job 38 hours a week while now I work a laborious job 55-65 hours a week which means I have less time.

    So if you where to look at my average play time per week in say a game like WoW compared to GW2 you would think that I dislike GW2, but that's simply not the case its merely a mix between having more responsibility and what not as getting older and the fact that GW2 doesn't punish me for not playing constantly, my main toon right now in GW2 is only level 54 and that's perfectly fine with me.

    So to answer your question, I am not bored of the game but I play it like I would any single player game, where I play it heavy when it first comes out but then lightly after that, the difference being I will continue playing it sparingly months and maybe even years down the line while as a single player game I am generally done with within a month even if its one of the best games of the year. Playing less and less doesn't make it boring, just means its like any other game of any other genre then MMORPGs where its a really fun game but no "must ... play... 18-30 hours a week to ... keep up ... current gear or PvP honor be able to show off" built in... heck most MMORPGs require you to play as much of it in 2 weeks every 2 weeks as that you would play most single player games in an entire decade just to keep up... but how much fun are you really having farming that same content 20 hours a week over and over for badges for top tier gear? This game suffers the same problems as other MMORPGs in that aspect but the difference is it doesn't make you feel like you have to do that grind so yes it will feel more boring quicker due to there being nothing there to divert you from realizing that running dungeon ABC 30 times a week isn't all that much fun.

    So to sum up
    Is it still fun for me playing sparingly? Yes
    Does it suffer from the same issues (most) all MMORPGs suffer from? Yes
    Does it do a worse job hiding those issues that other MMORPGs hide via making it a "carrot on a stick"? Yes

    Because of these three answers I would suggest just playing it much less then you would an MMORPG, say 2-6 hours a week rather then 2-6 hours a night and it will remain fun to play, but if you try to play it like you play other MMORPGs it will feel boring rather quick.

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    Not bored but wished that rated tournies would come out sooner. I know my friends are getting bored and after they quit it's only a matter of time before I do too.

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    To put it bluntly; If it had a monthly fee, I would have canceled.
    You can tell WoW changed the MMO for good when players started complaining about the amount of time they sink, into a time sink.

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    Ofc not.
    My highest char is level 30 and i still have to do AC story mode.
    I rotate 5 chars and at this pace i'll reach 80 for springtime.
    I'm in an active guild with nice people (it helps a lot).
    Also, as others already stated, i have other things to do (and thanks God for that).
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    I dont get bored. I just played my thief yet and i am having fun trying out different builds in PvP. If ever i get "bored" to the thief, there are still other very nice classes to play. I am kinda curious for the mesmer.

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    I have 3 80's at almost 500 hours played. My guild actively participates in WvW, so I find I always have something to do. I'm eating this game up lol.

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    I dont even have a guild and i am not even close to get bored

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    Got bored of GW2 pretty quickly, to be honest. Levelling was a chore where you have to go from area to area to area rather than completing one and then going to another to fully complete that. WvWvW wasn't any fun, annnnd... Don't know about the "raids," never got that far.

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    I've got one char to lvl80, not even half done with all zones, two crafting skills are at 350 something and my armour is all green. I've got a LOT to do so I don't see myself getting bored in the next few months.
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    I play on average 2 hours a day and I'm at the moment level 62. I've done WvW and Dynamic Events, and the only thing I find boring is how often the DE recycles. ANet is aware of that issue so I'm guessing they are doing something about it. Thankfully between zone exploration and personal story I never have to do the same things twice

    I'm expecting I'll be doing a mix of everything at 80 and work towards a legendary sometimes in a years time

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    There is nothing wrong with getting bored or less interested in a game for a while and taking a break. It's nothing wrong with the game per se because no game will hold interest forever and more to it some games tend to bore out some people faster than other.

    I've got two level 80s myself and I am not always motivated to play GW2. So I don't play it and play something else instead until I feel like playing it again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    [...]Levelling was a chore where you have to go from area to area to area rather than completing one and then going to another to fully complete that.[...]
    You actually do not have to. You can complete areas and then move on to another if you wish to.

    I levelled my Mesmer from level 76 to 80 via crafting and mining. Like 15 levels were actually done like that. I still intend to go back and finish the area.

    So you can actually play and level as you like.

    Don't know about the "raids," never got that far.
    That's because there aren't any.
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    I have been playing since release. tried out a Mesmer and then switched t an engineer. I am now level 57 and still having a blast. About 20% map completion (5 zones or something like that). I do a little bit of PVP but for the most part explore and PVE. Each map zone I completely finish, most DE's, all hearts, vistas, etc. I play anywhere from 0-2 hours per day. My plan is to get the engineer to 80 and then start with another char in different zones. I have not overlapped my zones at all (1-15, 15-25, 25-35-, 35-45, 45-55). I recon I should be going strong for another 6 months on it. I have also not done any dungeons yet. It's great for me because I don't have a lot of time to play and there is no loss for skipping a day or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    Levelling was a chore where you have to go from area to area to area rather than completing one and then going to another to fully complete that.
    I don't understand. That's exactly what I am doing, completing each area fully before moving on. When my personal story has taken me out of the area then I have just popped in to the new area, done the personal story and got back out.

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    Yes, I've been bored. I've generally always played the same game at the same time as my husband, however, due to work schedules I end up having more time available to play. He was interested in us both getting GW2 and I wanted to try it out so I agreed. However, after getting our initial characters to 80 and deciding I wanted to reroll, and getting a second character to 80 (in a little over a month total) and getting my "main" set in exotic gear, I feel like I have nothing left to do. I want to try alts but I get bored of them quickly having already done the content (and 100% world completion) as well as the fact that I can't stay off forums and the official ones are nothing but a cesspool of people complaining about their professions instead of helping people who want to start playing them.

    Hoping I get some extra birthday money and should be able to afford to get MoP and a month's sub by the end of the month so I can go refresh myself with some WoW (only thing been keeping me from it so far is that I couldn't afford to get it yet and my husband hasn't wanted to play the expansion yet).

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