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    Optimal Enhance Opener

    Hello all, i am veteran shaman guy and i have a question for other veteran shaman guys.
    I have yet to figure out the best way to open up on a target, what i have been doing ever since i started this shaman 2 years ago-
    was Unleash wep-flame shock=pop cds-SS LL.
    I find this way of starting a fight a bother to be honest, what is the optimal way to start an encounter and get the most DPS?

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    Honestly, part of this depends on your talents and your pull method.

    If you're running (with tank) to your target, you might be best opening with:
    -Dmg totem (PE/FE/ST/Whatever)

    If you're not in melee by then, there's probably a problem.

    I really suggest just following the proper priority. If you aren't in melee, follow the next part of the priority that can be done via ranged, until you're in melee.
    It's really simple as that. If you have issues understanding the language associated with the Simcraft Priority, let me know via this thread or PM, and I'll help you decipher the language.

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    yea i have no idea how to read that simcraft link

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    What I use is largely dependant on how far away I am from the boss on the pull. I'm running Echo and Unleashed Fury, and no on use trinkets:

    - T13 4pc Resto - Spirit Walkers Grace
    - Change gear and pre-pot
    - Spirit Walk
    - Unleash Elements
    - Flame Shock
    - Lightning Bolt (If I am far away enough from the boss)
    - Fire Totem
    - Stormlash
    - Ascendance
    - Stormblast

    from this point I just follow the basic enhancement priority
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    yea im running elemental blast and echo

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    If bloodlusting at the start, I currently run right behind the tank when heading towards the boss. Then lay my Fire Ele right before I get in melee range.

    Then when I get to the boss:
    Wolves/ascendence macro with Potion
    Stormlash/bloodlust macro
    Stormblast since Ascendence reset timer
    Then go about the rest of the fight

    This allows you to get the unleash wind melee speed increases+Bloodlust for when your attacks do nature damage in Ascendence and the procs from Stormlash. This also increases your wolves and FE as well. This gets me up to about 150k+ dps for the first 20 seconds or so...

    Edit: since I am using Echo and Unleash fury, the extra melee speed gives more static shock procs and *I think* more duplicated spells since maelstrom procs more.

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    Earth Shock -> Ghost Wolf -> circle around the boss -> /bark /bite

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    Personally I:
    Pop my potion
    CDs (wolves, ele, blood fury)

    I usually pump 140k plus on the opener.

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