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    Post What happens when you die.

    Today me and my buddy started talking about how theist believe there will be an afterlife or some form of reincarnation happening and what happens to us agnostics.


    We started thinking more along of lines of when you sleep it almost feels as if time just skipped and you wake up. So I thought about it for a second and figured if you die, time as you know it has been cut out of the equation because you have no sense of it like when you go to sleep. So with that being said when you die time all of a sudden becomes infinity ∞.

    So we think a few things will happen;

    1.Everything in the universe restarts along with your life
    2.You wake up in another reality remembering everything you experienced in your human life thinking it was a dream

    It feels like some sort of Inception will happen but the answer 'nothing' doesn't feel like a good enough answer as all of us at one point were 'nothing' so what if life is some kind of continuous cycle of you living your life, dieing and coming back in a entirely different universe or just repeating the life you already lived over and over.

    Again let me again recap on how the universe would restart, because of the fact you die, time my as well not exist, it dies with you and everyone else will continue living as normal. But because time died with you an infinity should go by in a blink of the eye. With that being said if at any point something happened at the end of time where you were somehow got reborn with/ or without knowledge of living this life it would happen fast as soon as you died.

    This is not a Religious debate, I don't believe theism but I respect anyone that chooses that as that is their own belief.

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    This would inevitably involve heavy amounts of religion, or topple sideways under the weight of it's own one-sidedness. Sorry, I have to close this.

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