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    Horde DK (unholy, blood) Looking for new guild/server.

    Hello everyone, I'm in Korea, I've been raiding with a late night American guild since ICC. And having to do back flips to meet their raid times. And my current guild is now raiding at a time I simply can not make. So I'm making the jump to Oceanic Realms.

    I've been playing since about a week before BC was released. I've been raiding since the start of Wrath I have extensive heroic raid experience from ICC to DS. I am looking to play my Death Knight which is Unholy at the moment but I can respec to frost if needed. And I can also tank but I prefer DPS. I'm also in the process of leveling my Paladin (ret/prot) my warrior (fury/prot) and my warlock (destro/Demo).

    I'm aware that my enchants (specifically my hand and wrist enchants) aren't up to snuff at the moment. Because they haven't had anything but the old cata ones up in my server's ah and none of my guild's enchanters seem to have the str ones. I keep up on all the theory crafting.

    I'm looking for a guild that raids after 5pm (+9gmt) I would prefer to raid 3 days a week at the very least 2. I'm in love with achievements I'm down to work for the guild. I have 2 black smiths, an alchemist, a miner, an herbalist, a tailor, and a Skinner at the moment. I can make feasts and provide fish/cooking mats for the guild also flasks.

    I'm willing to relocate to whatever server PvP or PvE I just dont want to be Ally.

    Thank you for reading.
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    A fellow Korean resident?! I'm in Korea, too!


    Check us out and let me know if you're interested!

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