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    You can always try boxing, go to the gym or buy a sandbag and go mental on it.
    It helps alot when you are angry/sad/frustrated to hit a sandbag until you collapse.

    I hope things get better, cant be easy when she did that :/

    Thank you Shyama <3
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    Do you.

    Start your own exercise routine, buy something you've been wanting (but don't go broke doing it), hang out with friends whenever they invite you to hang out, get back into that video game you love, go on a trip somewhere cool (alone or with a close buddy), etc.

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    I know how you feel man. I made a thread here awhile ago going through a very similar situation. Three year relationship, proposed, she accepted, then she left me. Literally. Came home one day from class and she was gone. Found out she was cheating on me and found new excitement. Her parents believe it or not was “praying” for her to come back home.

    I made mistakes while I was with her. I didn't care about making new friends, I devoted myself to her. I ignored other women, and my guy friends moved on with their lives and found their own girl. She was my girl, we did everything together. I didn't feel the need to go out to parties (never was the type anyways) or hanging out with anyone else. She did the same... Until a couple of months before she left me..

    It's truly hard to get over it. First couple of days I couldn't eat anything at all. I tried putting food in my mouth, but I couldn't swallow. I lost focus in school and could barely leave my room. Crying, screaming, venting. Repeatedly in my head, asking why, why, and why. What did I do? What went wrong?

    Now I'm doing better. I can eat, can focus better in school, smiling more often now, and been trying to meet new people. Both online and on campus. When I come across a cute girl I try to smile. I still have my moments were those feelings come out. It's normal. It was love. You can't simply get over it at a flip of a switch. It's normal to feel the pain, and the pain will be there for a while, especially if it was a long relationship.

    I highly recommend against trying to find someone new until you can get mostly over it. All you will end up being is a burden to them and your heart wont be fully dedicated to them. I personally wouldn't try finding a fuck buddy or start smashing things to feel better. You wont at the end. The sex will feel meh and you will end up just playing with your own emotions. Yeah, you will most likely feel good while doing it, but once its done, your mind will start wandering again.

    My advice is just try to do your best to keep your mind occupied. I know a lot of people say it, but its really the only way. Pick up a hobby. Play WoW. If you're in school, see if its still possible to join some clubs. Try to make friends. Winter is approaching. Start jogging in the morning. Pick up reading. I did that. Not only does it help keep my mind busy but I also educate myself in the process and create something that I could use to have a converstation about with others. Hell, even try going to church youth group meetings to meet new people. A lot of people out here go to them and they don't even really believe in god. They do it just to try to meet new people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muffinss View Post
    God, where are posters like this in normal threads? I'm indifferent towards religion but it really works for some people. Still, great advice regardless of my feeling on the matter. Would like to see more of you in other threads.

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    Thanks everyone, it's nice to have good support and know other people go through this kind of shit also. I appreciate your comments in both threads as well Letmesleep, thanks for your advice.

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    Muffinss hits the home run with the advice. For me during the heartbreaks/bad times, being alone with my thoughts was the ultimate and worst poison that just kept feeding that vicious circle. Doing something and anything to keep the mind occupied with other things was gold.

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    MUFFINSS!!! I am SO excited & happy to hear you are crawling back out of the deep ugly dark hole & seeing the sunshine again! :D

    You probably learned some lessons from your awful experience as will Uncle Julian. The most important ones seem to use pain, but pain is quite an educator. I truly hope it is something that helps you later on & that you both find happiness again sooner than later. Muffinss, you are off to a good sounding start! NEVER lose yourself in the relationship or in another person ~ ALWAYS continue your own life & hobbies, take care of your wants & needs as well as your S.O.'s.

    *hugs * comfort to you both! <3

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