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    Cool THAT talk

    you know the talk im talking about, the one your parents/carers give you when you become a teenager, about the changes happening with your body and what men and women do with each other to make babies.

    How did yours go? or have you had the talk with your kids? did you even get a talk?

    As for me, it was my dad, he sat me down and tried to explain some things, i had to stop him, tell him what i knew, he was so awkward with it.

    how was yours? was it the norm? did you have hilarious results?

    Post your thoughts and experiences!
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    I learned it in school, just like a lot of people.

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    I never got anything from my parents, learned it in school.

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    Taught myself by age 9-12 tops. I used to read the encyclopedia alot.

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    Never got the talk, lol, learned safety stuff in school, and well sex itself is so obvious...the only thing I didn't know before I had my first sex ed was erections.

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    My parents never spoke to me about it. I got a book and then learned about it in school.

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    My parents never did any of that. I learned it all in school.

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    never had it. I was pure, innocent, and naive until I turned 13 when I allowed myself to be corrupted and fell to several unhealthy addictions.
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    i feel like im the strange one, for getting a talk from my dad, like yeah there was the health classes at school, and making a penis with your hands with the overhead projector (hehehe)
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    I didn't have one. Being the youngest I heard about everything from my brother/sister, hell, even at a fairly young age I'd make my Barbies lay on top of eachother on the bed naked when they went to bed.

    Oh and waking up at the middle of the night in the same bed as my parents while they were doing it kind of helped.

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    My parents never gave me the "talk," and boy, I sure as hell am glad that they did not.

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    never got the talk. 23 years old now. learned all of that from school

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    I learned everything I know about sex from the Internet. Parents and school were of no help
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    Is it still the 50's?

    But real talk, kids today learn about sex on the way out of the womb.

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    My dad thought the school should teach that so he never had the talk with me. Sex ed started in Grade 5 for me. We were told not to talk about it outside of the class and I remember everyone was so quiet when we went out for recess. I actually felt embarrassed as the teacher described the male body parts.

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    Didn't have one.

    And if I did, my ADHD tuned it out.
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    Skelington never got it. He knew what sex was and how babbys were formed since he was in preschool or kindergarten after accidentally watching a porno at like 3. Learned all the words for things from school and the internet.

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    Never had it, learned from this HBO show my father used to watch (don't worry, wasn't straight up porn. Just had nude scenes.)

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    My dad tried to give me one after I was sexually active. It was kind of awkward because my parents split up so I only saw him twice a month, and he clearly didn't know I was, so ... yea...

    Meanwhile we had Sex-Ed in school in fifth grade, so at 11 or 12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadNotSleeping View Post
    i feel like im the strange one, for getting a talk from my dad, like yeah there was the health classes at school, and making a penis with your hands with the overhead projector (hehehe)
    Not sure I'd call it "strange". It's just one of those things that's more relegated now to the realm of education vs. parental "knowledge". And that's for the best, IMO, given that most average people just don't have the level of knowledge when it comes to sex/STDs that schools can provide. That, and parents tend to deliver those conversations with certain religious or cultural biases that schools aren't permitted to have (usually).

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