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    Didn't had any neither
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    My "talk" consisted of my father telling me "remember to wear a pud collar".

    Suffice to say, my dad is an asshole and I never really looked to him for guidance anyway, unless it was how to NOT interact with anybody, the opposite sex regardless.

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    I learned it all in sex ed both in primary and secondary school, never chatted to parents about that sort of thing at all

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    They gave us the talk in school and showed some "educational videos" and so forth when I was about 7 years old in primary school. They sent a letter out to all parents first and if your parents didn't want you to attend it then they could opt you out, so they could do it themselves I guess, my mom asked me if I had any questions when I got home, I said no, that was that. At 12 in the first year of high school they then did a more comprehensive talk on STDs and pregnancy and so forth with more emphasis on the assumption you might actually be doing it soon so how to do it safely, rather than the previous one which was about the technical details. They gave out condoms and let us practice putting it on models which quite frankly, was hilarious.

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    Never had a talk, or sex ed :/

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    Never had any such talk, we have sexual education in schools in sweden so no need to for them to do it.

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    When you're a teenager? My parents informed me about 'where babies come from', puberty, reproduction etc before I started school.
    I think my mum remembered how horrified she was when her period started and she had no idea what was going on (she though she was hemorrhaging) and wanted to make sure I was well informed about all that kind of thing well in advance. Anyway, was fine. I was very young so it wasn't awkward - you take things at face value at that age.
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    60% learned with friends
    40% direct porn and internet

    where I born ... boys and girls hardly talk with each other until university so forget about girlfriend. Well thats weird is.

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    My parents bought me a medical encyclopedia. It was more of a "this is what your brain looks like, this is what your ear looks like, this is where a baby sleeps in the mother's tummy, this is what your skeleton looks like" and let me look up the rest on my own. They told me to ask them if I ever had any questions.

    I learned the mechanics of sex from the kids on the school bus. I'd always go home and ask my parents about what it, and they were pretty horrified by what kind of questions I brought home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bergtau View Post
    I never got anything from my parents, learned it in school.
    Same here. It think it would be very awkward to get to hear this from your parents. I'm glad I learned about this in school.

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    Didn't have one, didn't need one.

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    School when i was 11. When i was 12 my mom talked to me about it and when i was 14 i had sex so it wasn't super awkard for me.
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    Never had that talk. I thought that it was something parents and childs did 25+ years ago

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    Don't get me started.... my mother is crazy, my father was easier to talk to.

    Anyways they had the first talk with me when I was like 11, I had asked my teacher in school what mastrubation means, she got rediculesly embarresed of course and I guess she called my parents, because soon after they started to sort of explain the basics.

    One of my biggest faults, personal flaws if you like, I always ask questions, always have and always will.

    Once I hit my teens proper it just got out of hand at times, one of the worst moments for me as a youngster was waking up in the morning, I must have been like 16, I had a horrible hangover, a girl had slept at my/our house as we had met at the party the night before, I didn't know her all that well, I walk down into the kitchen and there sits my mom talking to this girl, a total stranger to her, about birthcontrol, menstruation etc. It was very akward for me, but the two of them really seemed to feel comfertable about talking about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CapM View Post
    I don't even know why it's such a big deal, you get hair under your arms, so what? Why do you need a "talk" about that?
    If only thing that happened to you during puberty was hair under your armpits you might need some hormone treatments. There's plenty of reasons to have "the talk" with your kids, sadly most don't or leave it until way too late.
    Myself I never got the talk, but somehow still wasn't clueless when it came to my first time having sex.

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