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    Light of Blinding

    So I'm not sure if it's just our holy pally that's having this 'issue', when his Relic of Chiji procs, his Light of Dawn becomes this massive white cone of blinding death that covers our whole screen. Is this happening to all holy pallies as well? Or is it just our pally who's found a way to troll us lol. Because of the Light of Blinding spam some of us couldn't see crap on the floor and took some unnecessary damage, wasn't fun for the raid!

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    I have this same problem. however no one else seems to see my amazing blinding light of dawn and think I'm crazy.

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    Yeah, it's happening to me as well. I wasn't exactly sure what it was but it makes sense to it being the trinket. All the melee in my raid were complaining about it but I thought it was kinda funny. Should be fixed though.

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    And it makes mounts better to!

    Http: in front of those..

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    Same here...funny the 1st 20x...but now its just redonkulous. Please fix asap

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    I saw that in LFR on Tuesday, I was wondering why the other pally's LoD looked weird, was afraid it was my graphics card having errors but my LoD appeared completely normal.
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    I personally think its hilarious, and as stated above it makes my mounts look completely awesome.... The rest of my 10 man, well they completely hate it.

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