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    Once a month, approximately. I get really bummed out and the smallest stuff sends me off the deep end. Had trouble getting a topic approved for a paper this week and I was all doom and gloom. No big deal under regular circumstances, but when I'm in my moods, hey, anything goes.

    I debate the pros and cons when I get like that. So far the cons are winning, occasionally only because I haven't devised a method to not leave any clean up. Even when I'm downtrodden I don't want to be a menace to my family. 'Twould be rude.

    On the flip side, I ride a motorcycle and have a few close calls every week (Arizona drivers, man) so I could die any day through (little to) no fault of my own anyway.
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    Besides the ones that do suicide just do it, they dont talk about it i personally knew 2 people who seemed all happy, they both had nice families then wham there gone, one hung himself after his 25th birthday party no one too this day knows why he left no note,the other took a shotgun too his chin after he failed high school exams his parents had good plans for him, if you have these thoughts maybe you should seek professional help.
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    A big thing that keeps me going is that I'm the only male in my family that can continue my last name.

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    Who hasn't? If I were to die I would want a heroic death or something like dying in combat or trying to save people.

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    we talked about suicide in my class Psychology of Death And Dying, Life and Living. It's pretty interesting to talk about in a classroom setting. And of course, my friends and I have talked about "how we would go about offing ourselves" in a "I've been bitten in a zombie apocalypse" scenario

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    I once had a discussion with my close friends about how we should kill ourselves should we ever consider suicide xD

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    Who hasn't? If I were to die I would want a heroic death or something like dying in combat or trying to save people.
    That's not suicide in the usual sense.
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    Yeah I've thought about the subject multiple times.

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    I've have thinking 'bout it, but there are always reasons behind it. My brother past away and I've been thinking ever since, not because I have issues in life, it's more like curiosity of what's after death and...posibility to see my brother again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ave07 View Post
    Who hasn't? If I were to die I would want a heroic death or something like dying in combat or trying to save people.
    Thats being killed, not suicide.. Just sayin'

    Thank you Shyama <3
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    I haven't. Seriously. The mere idea of killing myself is so unbelievably stupid and illogical that even thinking about it is absurd.
    Imagine that your life is such crap that it can't get any worse. What is the one thing you can do to make it worse ? Yeah, you can kill yourself.
    I seriously think that people who kill themselves have something wrong with them at psychological level.

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    couple times, got close after a divorce. Was too afraid it would hurt, heh.

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    Last year.

    My doctor had put me on medication that was suppose to help with stress from my job but I didn't react to it well at all and it made me feel like I had NO middle ground at all in my emotions or reactions to anything. I literally felt like wanting to jump off a building one moment to wanting to tear someone apart for nothing at all the next.

    The worst was the full blown paranoia...that is actually what got me thinking about taking my own life because I felt like something was coming for me. My brain convinced me that something was going to kill me and probably hurt/kill my family if I was around them when it happened.

    Every moment being awake was like a little nightmare and I could never sleep. The slightest sound (or even no sound at all) had me thinking that something was about to attack me. I started to see things in the TV flashing images at me (like the devil's face or mass graves full of mangled corpses) even if I was watching a kid's show. I thought everyone was out to get me and everyone in public was staring at me like they knew I slated to be killed. When I called the doctor's office the front office staff told me to keep taking the med because it takes a few weeks to work (I later found out they never passed my concerns on to my doctor).

    One day I decided to end the madness and ended up calling my wife to tell her goodbye because I didn't want her or my daughter to get hurt and I couldn't handle what was going on in my head and the things I was seeing. She knew something was wrong but I never told her everything. The cops showed up and took me to the hospital. The ER docs thought I had a full 'psychotic break' and after being there a few days my primary care physician showed up and took me off the medication. Few days after that I was back to feeling like myself but I was exhausted. I think I was tired for like a week straight after that whole ordeal.

    That had to be the worst month of my life. Never had those thoughts before and haven't had them since. I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone, ever.

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    I have no friends, no gf, no hobbies, yet I never thought of suicide. Maybe if I didn't have the internet and video games...but then I believe video games a very long time pushed me into my crappy social life in the 1st place.

    Hell, even when I had my heart broken by a girl for the 1st time, I never thought about it.

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    Only once, shortly after my grandfather died I became really depressed and had thought of doing it. Since then I've set up a small support group of a few friends and family and done my best to inform them when I feel like I'm getting that depressed again.
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    I've thought of what would happen if I did. How few people would probably even notice and/or care. Thinking about that was depressing in and of itself but in the end it always came back to me figuring that if I can live the rest of my life better than the past decade has been, then fuck the last decade. So long as I have control over my life, I can change it for the better.

    I was however hospitalized several times for attempted suicide as a preteen, but that's something different entirely.

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    If not for one other person in life, if that person were dead, I would be fine ending my own life, life isn't worth living outside of that to me.

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    HBpapa: Wow... that is extreme. Very scary and very fortunate that you managed to get help! Thank you for sharing.

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    I've been on the edge plenty of times but... yeah, got over it.
    I didn't feel like a group of friends or anything could do it. I obviously didn't do anything due to the fact that well... I couldn't hurt my family like that. Think of all the resources they've spent on me! And time... There is the time aspect as well. Spent plenty of time. Basically... trying to find a hobby, an interest. It greatly helped me find a reason to live. No point in suicide... It might all turn. The universe... And world, can be very very random.
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    On more than a few occassions. There was a period when I was afraid to drive because I was scared I'd have a bout of depression and drive off a bridge or something.

    Fortunately, other than that I've been too lazy to act on such thoughts.

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