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    Yes, and I plan on ending my life that way. People will say the usual jargon I hear about suicide, but I'm indifferent. I don't need them telling me what and how it is to do whatever they feel they should put upon themselves to tell me not to do it. Suicide will be the hardest decision that I (and probably others in my position) would ever make....but it's how I choose to go out. I take comfort in the fact that, unless something kills me before that time, I know when I'm on my way out, and how. I'm not a coward for doing this. Not one bit, and I don't need anyone else to tell me differently because quite frankly - their words and opinions mean fuck all to me. I'm not depressed, and there isn't anything psychologically wrong with me. It's just my exit.

    Will it hurt people? Maybe the one's close to me, sure, but I have that all planned on how I hope that works out. At the end of the day's about me, whether anyone else chooses to believe this (or accept this) or not. Call it selfish, and call it a dumb way to look at it, but it's my life. I don't plan on raising a family because of this, and nor do I plan on getting married. This is it, and this is the eternal absolution for me. Luckily though...I didn't plan this for the foreseeable future, and I'll still keep on living for hopefully as long as I choose to.
    | Happiness is the best revenge |

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    Every day of my life, but trying to get help doesnt help finally after 22 years they figured out i am a manic depressive. I mean i have tried at least 3 times had multiple plans but way i figure better to struggle then give up

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    Well not as in real life sucuide. But i would sucuide myself in a spaceship hiting the alien aircraft and blowing it up (yeah Kamikaze = sucuide), just to win a victory on a earth.

    But in any other ways i find sucuide usles.

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    Thought about it, would never do it though, this might be my only life (no after life) might as well use the most of it, good or bad.

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    Every day for the last 7 years or so.

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    I've thought about it alot.

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    I've tried to kill myself 3 times, between the age of 14 - 17. I was very depressed at the time, a few months after my eighteenth things finally started to get better. And I haven't felt bad for about a year now, which is the most beautiful thing you can imagine. After feeling that your life is worth nothing for whole your life.

    I feel so fucking great!

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    Mhm, I am suffering from depression and most days of the week it gets so bad as to thoughts of suicide, no self harm though. Yes I take meds, Yes I go to therapy, and Yes I am 17 if it helps

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    The only time I would consider suicide is if I was on death row and just waiting to die.

    I'm far more afraid of the cold nothingness after this life than living life.

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    Unless you're being tortured or whatever I don't see the need.

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    Of course.

    But even life's smallest experiences aren't worth missing. I look back at the times when I thought the next day didn't matter, and see the years of unexpected challenges and delights that happened afterward. At this point, I'm pretty good at snapping out of it.

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    Yes, there was a time when I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, I was really worried because I had no objectives and became depressed. Then I got interested in politics and watched a plenary secession of the EU parliament, it was like falling in love.
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