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    carrying a visual bug over from beta to retail

    So when mop went live i realised that a visual gltich/bug was carried over from beta and so i put a post on their forums but have recieved
    no recognition of this from other players or even blizzard themselves and want to know whats up this issue has not been fixed and blizzard
    have not spoken or reply'd to my post at all the problem is ( not sure how many other players have noticed this ) is my main is a fury warrior
    and has two 2h weapons equiped when both are being unused and sitting on my back one is visualy alot smaller than the other is ( the right
    side holstered weapon ) and after all the hotfixe's and maintenance nights has still not been fixed i love being fury and love my 2h weapons
    but it looks so stupid and wrong have a nice big weapon sitting next to a little toothpick i spend most of my tiwm with both in my hand as the
    glitch only occurs while holstered i hope by my post on wow forums as well as here will finally get some attention and blizzard fix this please i
    know its not your number one thing to fix but even some response to say u are looking into fixing or checking this out for yourselves would b

    ps. i cant seem to figure out how to attach the screenshots ive taken to show this issue that are on my computer and suggestions would be great

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    I think I know the reason why you got no response so far...

    Also, Blizzard does not officially read these forums, I have not seen this "bug" myself and there are more important things to take care of right now.

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    1. Paragraphs and sentences were invented for a reason.
    2. If the weapon is actually a smaller weapon, it's not a bug.
    3. Report the bug in-game with the ? button and post on the forums, in a more understanding way.
    4. You have to have a certain number of posts to post a screenshot here.
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    What were the weapons you were using?

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    ok please my bad grammar and few spelling mistakes and it doesnt matter what weapon i use no matter what weapon or transmog i use the result is the same it is alot smaller thn it should be for example i just transmog'd both of my weapons to share the exact same appearence ( demise 2h mace ) and you could see this glitch clear as day
    secondly i have reported this through a ticket got no response put it on forums no response put it here got a few player response's and im pretty sure i mentioned tht i know and am aware they have much more important issues to fix and attend to and only asked if they could when they have time tend to this matter

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    I noticed this happening with a cross-bow that i got from the Arena of Annihilation as well. When the cross-bow is on my back it is rather small and then once i hold it in my hands it goes to its normal size. I have gotten rid of that bow for awhile now and am using a regular xmog'd bow and it has no issues what-so-ever. Also just curious if it is your main hand weapon?

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    Well ok i asked a question and apparently it doesn't matter, what do you want us to do then? Can't help you if you aren't giving the information we're asking but I'll try anyway.
    Do other people see them as different sizes?
    What is your characters race/gender?
    Does it do it to other players toons' of the same race/gender/class?
    Did it do this before 5.0?

    This is the sort of stuff that might be worth mentioning on a forum post on blizzards website. not just "oh my weapons are different sizes please help"

    You could also try re-installing the game from fresh if it is just client-side.

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    Ok unfortuntaely as i only have 3 warrior's which only 2 are able to use the titans grip ability it makes it hard to say if it occurs on more thn one race as both of my warrior's who have titns grip are both draenei one male one female i have tried reloading my ui as well as changing my graphic setting's but from what im seeing atm it only appears to be happening on my male draenei warrior and when i am on my other class's which are also male draenei my weapon appear to be normal so atm it only seems like on my male warrior/draenei with two 2h waepons holstered on my back it happens

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    Tons of graphical bugs have been in the game forever, things bleeding into capes and bloodelves have two different size shoulder pads. Just the two that come to mind.

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