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    I care about this as you may have noticed... because if someone with gear equal to mine is doing 10-15k dps more than me, I want to know why.
    I already read about some small mistakes I may be doing during my rotation, but I don't think that will make me do 15k dps more.

    Is it so hard to understand that some players are eager to get everything out of their character ?

    I use it to push myself to be honest, compete, and expand my knowledge on the ways of the best... didn't know that was such a crime to Rackfu.

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    so much yoloswag in these logs! Too bad we can't clear normal modes the first week elohel

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellatrex View Post

    Also, for Feng try BM it kicks ass.
    80k dps as surv baby !
    On shadow phase SV pulls so much ahead of almost any class/spec

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    Keep in mind WoL is bugged for 2 reasons right now:

    1. Some logs are only a min or so in length, probably meaning they're only the last min of the fight which bloats the dps logs.
    2. WoL isn't seperating Normal or Heroic runs at the moment, which is why you're seeing some classes doing over 200k dps on Stone Guardians because of Energized Tiles. Same with other fights.

    Site admin is aware of the problem though, said they were working to fix sometime this weekend into next week. Just something to keep in mind.

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    Post your parse. Or, better yet, do a comparebot btw your parse and higher parses and you will see what you are doing differently.

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