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    [H] Despair [Kazzak-EU] - 25man raiding 15/16HC (3 day raiding)

    Horde guild Despair on Kazzak-EU are currently recruiting.

    Short guild and raid information
    - We raid 3 days a week. Wednesday, Thursday, Monday.
    - Raid times are 20.00 to ~00.00.
    - On free days we usually do guild stuff such as random achievement and alt runs.
    - We are using a 'home made' fixed price loot system. It's based on the ideas around EPGP and mixed with the prices from the arena system.
    - We expect raiders to attend all raids per week. Missing a raid because of exams or a family dinner is okay as long as you stay over 90% attendance.

    About us
    Despair formed in October 2010. The guild is the result of the merge between the two guilds Final Stand and Discordia. Both of the guilds had the same problem; High quality good raiding and the majority of the raid members were high performing, but they still couldn't go all the way on either LK nor Halion. This in combination with the thoughts about Cataclysm competative raiding pulled us towards eachother to form a top performance guild. Neither of the guilds wanted to be "top 10" on the server in Cataclysm and so here we are, with the highest performing raiders from both guilds, aiming for the very top. (And yes don't worry, we actually do have a sense of humour
    We started raiding together after the 4.0 patch hit the Live servers, and despite this we successfully downed the Heroic King in 43 tries and Heroic Halion in two progress evenings. This even though none of the old guild were even close of achieving anything such. We find this being a qualification for any content that Blizzard have prepared for us here in the Cataclysm.

    And to clarify: We are a 25 man raiding guild - nothing else. As wowprogress and simular sites might suggest is that we also raid 10 man. That is partly true as we raid 10 man with alts. We currently have about 3 alt 10 man raids that run on off days and off hours, but it is not mandatory for anyone. It is simply organized by raider's alts for raider's alts.

    Other accomplishments so far includes:
    - 12/12 hc pre 4.0 (Tier 10).
    - 13/13 hc pre 4.2 (Tier 11) + Glory achievement (Horde first + Horde only pre nerf).
    - Tier 11 Glory achievement - Horde first, pre nerf.
    - Tier 12 Glory achievement - Horde first on 25 man.
    - 7/7 hc pre 4.3 (Tier 12).
    - 8/8 hc pre MoP. (Tier 13). (28/02/12, before second wave of nerfs, realm 3rd.)
    - Realm 1st - Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guild Edition

    What we're looking for in an applicant

    - Experience and gear matching our raiders.
    - Perfect enchants, glyphs and gems.
    - Being able to well motivate your choice of talents.
    - Insight in your class role and your tasks in a raid.
    - Able to understand english and respond back on Ventrilo when asked.
    - Being a Vanilla/TBC player is a big plus, but not a requirement.

    How to Apply
    Before applying you should have read through the entire guild information post on our website, which is linked here below. Any further questions you have that are not covered in that post are directed to our guild officers ingame, whose names are also listed down below. Send us either a PM on our forums or whisper us in game. You apply by going to our website and clicking on the "Join Us" button in the menu.

    Currently Recruiting
    - All classes and all specs! Go apply!
    - Especially:

    Paladin - Holy HEALER
    Shaman - Restoration HEALER

    Mage - DPS
    Priest - DPS

    Bear in mind that even though your class is not listed here, exceptional applications will always be considered.

    Guild website: http://eu-despair.com/
    Guild Information Link: http://eu-despair.com/index.php?opti...=75&Itemid=164
    Officers: Ronín, Firegalus and Volraith
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    Despair are recruiting see RecuitPost for details or visit http://www.eu-despair.com

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    bumping for "Realm 1st - Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guild Edition"

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    Bump for Holy paladins.

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    We need more heals and casters.
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    Still looking for classes mentioned in the 1st post, so go apply now!

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