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    Changing name on MMO Champion

    Is there any way to change your visible name? I would like to change my name 'Azithul' to something else.

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    Why don't you make a new account?

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    You could always make a new account?

    Edit: Twoddle beat me to it :P

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    Since you have a so few posts, maybe making a new account will probably be the best option, if not, just p.m. a mod and ask if they can change your name.
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    Of course, but the point here is that I don't want to make a new account

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    From my experience with VBulletin and phpbb3 forums, moderators tend to not have adminitstrative permissions. Sending Sunshine a PM is probably your best bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    just p.m. a mod and ask if they can change your name.
    Ok, I'll try that.

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    I think you need to pm an admin, not a mod.

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    I heard they demand a sacrifice of blood, though. Something about Boubouille and fetish.
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    Do not create a new account. Instead, PM Sunshine with the request and she will help you with it.

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