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    The major drawbacks to me, so far, are the following.

    - Shado Pan dailies suck worse for a healer than any daily hub ever made. Literally. I did dailies in BC as holy and that wasn't even remotely as bad as Shado Pan as a healer. It's freaking awfultastic.

    - Rep is too small for most things, rep is too big for Tillers. I'm nearly exalted with the Tillers and per day I gain no less than 2k rep off of six dailies. I gain 800 for Shado Pan a day at honored, and not much more for Celestials per day. I understand you want to sort of slow down the vendor purchasing a bit, but this is beyond ridiculous. By the time I unlock these two vendors I'll probably be in TIER gear. It seems Cloud Serpent is awfully quick like Tillers, as well. So, how is it that two reps that give you mounts are super fast, and the other reps that give mounts at exalted are incredibly slow? I don't understand this at all.

    - Justice is 110% worthless. There's absolutely zero point to Justice points. It buys gear that's lower level than what you're getting the points from. It makes no sense. They may as well just designed heroic bosses to give 5 Valor like they're a daily quest instead of Justice, since the gear from Justice points is for gear that is supposed to get you ready for heroics and not for raiding. I thought the point of Justice was for pre-raiding gear, not pre 5-mans gear. Now instead of heroics/JP transitioning to raiding/VP, JP transitions to heroics transitions to raiding/VP. They made the JP system completely separate from heroics, but still give you Justice for doing heroics anyway.

    - Daily "requirements". It was silly to make Golden Lotus the be-all standard to even unlock other reputations.

    Their ideas for gating are understandable, but in themselves incredibly frustrating. I am also loving the expansion (pet battles are the best thing ever put into the game and I want MORE SUPPORT FOR THIS PLEASE AND THANK YOU), but some of this stuff is incredibly frustrating and I can sympathize with that sentiment.
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    Content quality is more important than content quantity because if the content is of sufficient quality, you will be happy just doing it over and over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neccowafer View Post
    I hit 90 doing mostly only questing and was instantly geared enough for heroics and scenarios without doing a single daily.

    When 5.1 comes out, you will be able to use your valor to upgrade existing gear, again, without doing a single daily. I only do the dailies I like, and I will be geared for LFR without a single valor item.

    Also I got honored with several of the factions just by questing, getting to honored is not "hard work."
    My experience has been exactly the same. I have only done the tillers daily quests and not all of them at that and usually just a few from 1 other faction a day. I just did a combination of heroics, crafting, BGs, scenarios, and I was able to get the ilvl to do lfr this week to keep increasing my ilvl and I haven't even done any arenas yet cuz my teammates aren't 90. I haven't gotten a single piece of gear from any of the factions. They are there to fill in holes of bad rng or for those who can't schedule time to raid or don't like raiding at all. They are not ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in any way, shape, or form. Some of them don't even offer gear just cosmetic rewards.

    Whoever started this massive misconception that you need to grind rep to exalted with all factions to be able to get gear and raid is an idiot.

    In fact, if you do a little bit of what necoowafer and I did the gear from the factions is considerably worse most of the time.
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    I agree with the op. Its good to have a variety of ways to earn VP and rep. But the nerf to vp awarded from 5mans, LFR, and raid bosses is too much. Plus faction rep tabards awarding rep during instance runs was silly to remove.

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    the thing i dislike about the game is that dungeons give a tiny amount of valor - I dont even think I will bother with valor gear this expansion, I just dont have the time to do that man daily quests and dungeons to hit cap

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