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    [A] <Manifest Destiny> 10 man Outland! 8/8HC Recruiting for Mists of Pandaland!

    Manifest Destiny is an Alliance, hardcore-oriented, two day raiding guild on Outland EU.

    Even though we raid only two days, Manifest Destiny and its members are looking to play on a highly competitive level.
    The guild hosts a number of people who have raided with some of the top guilds of the world and are expecting
    YOU to have the same mentality as they do.

    Do you think you have what it takes?

    Apply now.

    Currently Recruiting:

    Paladin - Holy x1

    Druid - Resto x1

    Monk rerollers!!!

    Deathknight - DPS x1¨

    Resto/Elemental Shaman can also be useful!

    Any exeptional player will always be considered regardless of class/spec.

    Requirements and general info about MD:

    - Manifest Destiny uses a Mumble server. You are required to have a working microphone and headset.

    - Manifest Destiny uses loot council. We distribute the loot according to what we feel will be the most beneficial to the guild during progress. If this seems unfair to you, we do not care. Guild above gear. We might change to EPGP in MoP but that's not decided yet.

    - Manifest Destiny raids two days a week, on Thursdays and Sundays from 19:00-23:30. We expect our members to have a 90%+ attendance rate. Our ideal roster only consists of 12-14 people, and it is paramount that these people are available at all times during progression.

    - Manifest Destiny is a progression-oriented raiding guild. Having geared alts that can help us down a certain boss are a big plus, and in this competitive scene almost a must! (Remember rogue+mage stacking on Spine, hunters/dks/boomkins being strong on Rag HC, or older examples such as DKs and Rogues on Anub'arak)

    - Manifest Destiny has the following ranks:

    • Oden

    Guild Master. Rambostalone's rank
    • Officer

    The managers of Manifest Destiny. They make sure the raids go well, keep the website alive etc. etc. Do not specifically have priority on gear over Raiders
    • Raiders

    Core group of raiders. These players are prepared for a raid in every way possible, have the highest priority on gear together with officers and the GM.
    • Raid alt-Trial members

    The alts of raiders. Usually have lower priority on loot than the raiders, but if the guild needs this alt for progression then it has an equal priority on loot as the Raiders.
    Aswell as the Trials.
    As a trial, your trial period will last somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks. During this period you will be tested to see if you have what it takes to become a Raider in Manifest Destiny. A 100% attendance is required for us to properly judge your potency as a raider. After your trial period you'll either be taken of the trial list and remain in the guild as a social (if you please) or you will be promoted to Raider.
    • Social

    Our social members!

    You can also apply as a social.

    Most of our players are also very active outside of raiding times. We will probably be running old content and the new dungeons on raiding off-days and we
    might be even setting up a RBG guild group (nothing substantial yet). However, raiding will always be our primary focus!

    So if this feels like something that would fit you, go ahead and Visit our homepage to apply or whisper Zichi, Rynosaur or Rambostalone ingame!
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    bump! need resto shaman aswell!

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    and again! bump

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    Are you still recruiting?

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