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    Could my RAM be causing slow Alt+Tabing?

    I run WoW pretty much ALL the time when I'm at my computer. I have Skype open in the backround, and usually 2-4 tabs of youtube/reddit/wowhead/music just stuff like that. Ever since MoP, I've noticed that my computer has been extremely slow when Alt+Tabing in and out of WoW. It usually takes around 4-8 seconds. It used to be instant.

    Now my question is, could my RAM be causing this? I currently run with 4 GBs of this: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product...82E16820231277
    Other relevant specs: i5-760 2.8ghz
    Asus P7P55D-E
    Sapphire HD 6870

    One last thing, if I wanted to upgrade my RAM, for example with this: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product...82E16820231314
    Would it be possible? Or would I have to have 4 of the exact same sticks?

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    Are you using an SSD or HDD? I notice that alt-tabbing is a lot faster when WoW is on an SSD compared to when I used to have WoW on a HDD.

    Either way, 4GB is just about the minimum I'd recommend in a gaming PC, although I'm not sure if it affects alt-tab speed at all.

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    It's some software problem. Your ram is too good for that too happen. And it doesn't matter if you have many youtube windows open + skype + wow. All those programs are loaded onto ram so HD has no effect except when you first start those apps. I do the same thing and I have 2Gb DDR2 @ 566 mhz so its not the ram.

    Its some sort of software problem. Try to delete your WTF folder (found inside wow folder) and the cache folder (also found inside cache folder).

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    Upgrading your ram wouldn't help with alt-tabbing unless you're almost using all 4GB in which case 8GB would be better but I wouldn't put the money into ram just yet.

    It's mostly hard drive related with some cpu/gpu because youtube video have to be rendered as well. If you game you should get a ssd. Faster boot/shutdown, applications/games open up faster, etc.

    It's not software related and for people to say that your hard drive is only used at the first start of those apps is wrong.

    If you don't believe go play wow on a slow ide drive and then go play wow on ssd. I've done it and I can you that wow always reads from your drive (writes too but mostly reads). I couldn't even play wow on that slow hard drive. You can have the best cpu, ram, and video card, if you got a slow old hard drive than u're bottlenecked and can only go so fast.

    And no, don't delete your wtf folders and cache folder. Why would U wanna get rid of your macros, key binds and addond settings when u can just reset your interface manually from within the game?

    Again not software related. It may be time for you to get a new pc soon.

    And don't forget to buy a ssd.

    Try playing wow without youtube videos open and try alt-tabbing.

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    I had this happen to me when I installed another GTX 670 into my system. When it was just the single card, I could alt+tab in and out instantly. Added SLI and now I have a 3-4 second delay between WoW to desktop. It's rather annoying. I don't have any browsers up either. Just WoW and iTunes.

    I am running WoW on a SSD, so that eliminates that.

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    You probaly have some hidden virus on computer--try to run some anti malvare, virus , everything else programs and see if you find something.

    Usualy overused ram problem is virus.

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    Updated graphics drivers lately?

    Having below 4GB RAM will definitely slow down alt-tabbing, but at 4GB or higher you shouldn't see that long delay.
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    This has nothing to do with your RAM, as it is more than enough for this.

    Ever since MoP I've had the same problem, and many other users too; if your computer can handle it, I suggest you run WoW in Windowed Fullscreen mode. If you have a multi monitor setup or heavily customized desktop, it might lower your FPS a little but not too much.

    Its a software problem - it may help if you clean the computer a little as mentioned earlier, but I wouldn't quarantee it helps too much.

    For clarification, I have 16GB ram and a top end computer; still I've got the same problem (takes 2-4 seconds if alt+tabbing, and sometimes crashes the game). It does not have anything to do with your hardware.

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    Are you running WoW in a different resolution that your desktop?
    Possibly try running WoW in Windowed Fullscreen mode (if your comp can handle it)

    If you have too many programs running in the background and you are indeed using up all or close to all of your 4GB of RAM some of these programs will be moved from RAM to HDD to free up RAM. Alt tabbing to these programs will take longer than usual to load.

    Hope this can be of use.

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    Did you check if WoW changed to fullscreen mode, instead of windowed-fullscreen mode?

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    Why not stop alt+tabbing? Have you tried running wow in windowed fullscreen? Same thing as full screen, since it runs it windowed, but removes border and maximizes the game, and you will notice literally zero time in alt+tabbing. You can hit your windows key and the start bar just pops up over the game. I always do this in any game that allows it because it lets me answer skype calls without minimizing the game, quickly do internet searches, or whatever else I want, and there is never a pause in bringing wow from foreground to background or vise-versa.

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    Windowed full screen master race. Try it out!

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    Like many people have said, its software. The following is all speculation since I little experience in graphics but I am suspecting that in windowed full screen mode, the OS is still managing the display. But if you use the standard option (forgot what it is called) the display is managed by wow's graphic engine. The reason it takes 4-8 seconds is because the management of the display is being change which can account for the blank screen during the time. Again I don't know if this is how it is for sure.

    windowed full screen is the best option to go with if you're alt tabbing a lot and that's from personal experience. If I am right The a reason for the standard display mode for wow is then bliz doesn't need depended a 3rd party software for their game to run smoothly.

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