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    The dog packs in the beginning of Mogu vaults, which are more than 10 mobs, but also the troll pack right before Spiritbinder, which I believe is 6 or 8 mobs.
    They take 90% less dmg when there are enraged dogs up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illitti View Post
    WW was never decent in PvE. We have zero utility and our damage is below most melee, not to even mention ranged.

    SCK hasn't been nerfed, at least not for me. The dog trash definitely has aoe damage reduction aura (the big dog), not sure about troll trash but I haven't noticed any.
    The majority of world of logs fights, both 10 and 25 man top 40 feature at least one monk. Not bad considering how much work would have been put in to keep up at least gear wise.

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