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    DRUID massive cat nerf?

    I don't get it so the new notes indicate that if you use DASH then cat form speed increase and dash do not stack, so if I use dash, you telling me I will only benefit a 5% speed increase? WTF?

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    You'll go from 125% speed (untalented) to 170% speed with Dash, a gain of 45%. Or with talents you'll go from 144% to 170%, a gain of 26%.

    The way it seemed to work was you were getting 70% of the 125%, giving you erm 212% speed? Or 244% speed talented. (Not sure if this is how it worked or not, I can't specifically remember).

    In short, you benefit less from dash if you have the talent, but it's a free ability and you still benefit.

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    Wouldn't exactly call this a massive nerf. You still have plenty of mobility options other than dash IE wild charge.
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    It does seem like the talented version should at least go a little bit faster but I agree can't exactly call this a massive nerf.

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    With base 125% I was always getting 170% with dash. I always felt like it was broken considering stampeding roar gives a 60% increase in speed and stacks with the 125% making movement speed 200%. Dash should stack.

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    Closing this one too. Massive Cat nurf!!!!!!!!!!?

    No... When you make threads, make them constructive.

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