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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Solomon View Post
    It's not off-topic, your attempting to discredit Ensidia further via a charge of plagiarism. Either present your evidence of your claims or stop talking.
    Death and Taxes is not Ensidia (I know this is hard to understand, but different guilds are actually different guilds), and frankly I have no idea what you're talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Solomon View Post
    On the first page of that link you see the following:
    "It's worth a mention that the language Muqq used at the end of his post is identical (save places and names) to this post by Tigole (scroll to the bottom -- it's the last thing on the page), written of EverQuest in 2002. Be warned, neither of these are safe for work."

    That is Muqq's post, the thread I provided in the OP is written by KUNGEN, NOT Muqq. So trying to discredit Kungen by saying he plagiarized Tigole is a flat out lie. It was Muqq who did, and that's not the material I presented in the OP.

    Also in that article it is clear that only ONE players (Muqq) was using Saronite bombs, the other INVENTED six-seven players were not. THere is no evidence of such a claim. Also we would have never changed professions for a NORMAL MODE encounter.
    This isn't "plagarism", it's satire. I was unaware that Ensidia did the same thing, but I don't think it's clever in their example, because the very same thing was done upwards of 3-4 years before by Death and Taxes talking of bugs in the original game.
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    Wow, if you're still upset about Blizzard banning Ensidia like this, I wonder how you'd feel about Arena Net's responses to mild exploits like using karma to purchase food supplies, crafting some food, and vendoring it for a profit. Hint: they perma'd everyone involved.

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