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    Hunter Macros and Target Trouble - Help Appreciated!

    Hey all, I've encountered a problem when it comes to targeting a monster with macros.

    My current Hunter's Mark macro is:-

    #Show Auto Shot
    /targetenemy [noharm]
    /stopauto [noharm]
    /use Arcane Shot

    I have the glyph, Marked of Death, so that applies Hunter's Mark and give me auto shot too, however... I sometime's accidentally click it after we finished the last monster in a mob, and pulls the next one (which isn't good lol) - So could someone please help me out with this macro?

    My Multi-Shot Macro

    /castsequence [reset=2] Multi-Shot, Cobra Shot

    This macro I use for less clicks for when I multi-shot, however, when 1 monster dies I need to re-click on the hunter's mark macro - which uses gcd and arcane shot instead of multi, and lowers dps. Also it doesn't auto target any of the other monsters when one dies using this macro. So any more help appreciated

    The above two are my main concerns, I've added a few more macros I have below, any way of improving them to be better or more consistent I'd really like So thanks in advance!

    My Lynx Rush Macro

    /use Lynx Rush
    /use Bestial Wrath

    Anything I could add to this to improve the dps? Or this seem good?

    My Kill Command Macro

    /castsequence reset=6 Kill Command, Arcane Shot, Arcane Shot

    I use this to use Kill Command every 6 seconds, and dump focus on arcane shots for dps - This normally works good, but it runs out of focus pretty fast, should I add Cobra Shot on the end? Or in-between? What you guys think?

    Thanks to all in advance

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    I'm not sure what you want the first one to do. You have /targetenemy [noharm], which targets the nearest enemy if your current target is not an enemy. I don't believe /stopauto is a valid command (/stopattack might be what you're looking for?). Then arcane shot, and set pet to attack. There's not really any way for it to just "know" that you don't want it to do those commands when you hit the macro. Do you want it to not work when you're not in combat? Just add "combat" in the brackets separating arguments by commas (aka /targetenemy [noharm, combat]). Or add

    /stopmacro [nocombat]

    which will halt the macro in place if you are not in combat. But it probably won't help much as you will probably still be in combat a second or two after the last mob you are fighting is dead.

    For the second macro, use

    /targetenemy [noexists]

    if you want it to pick up a new target every time you don't have one (noexists means "if you have no target"). But you run the same risk as above. Really you're better off just clicking a new target yourself. What I do when I am AoEing is constantly switch targets to the highest health target of the group (manually) so that I don't keep losing target when one dies. Use enemy health bars for this.

    Second and third... really, you shouldn't be combining these things or castsequencing them (especially KC/AS/CS, and multi-shot as above). Bind them separately and use them correctly and individually when you need to, automation will never be able to get it down perfectly.

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    Ahh okay, sounds like a plan and one I should really try out with no cast sequencing with kill command and arcane shot. The Multi-Shot one didn't seem to bad, I'll see about that :P Will just have to test it!
    The reason for doing all these macros was so I didn't need to bind more keys that my fingers can reach, as there's quite a lot for a Hunter roll.

    The health bars is quite a good idea, I never thought of that before! What kind of macros do you or anyone else use when it comes to PvE? So I can try and integrate them into my method of playing

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    I don't use many when it comes to shots and damage abilities, but there are a few.

    #showtooltip Cobra Shot
    /petautocastoff [group] Growl
    /petautocaston [nogroup] Growl
    /cast [modifier:shift] Kill Shot; Cobra Shot
    /use 10

    Cobra shot, kill shot with shift, turns on growl when I am solo and off when I am in a group. /use 10 is engineering glove tinker Synapse Springs, unnecessary for non-engineers.

    /petautocastoff Bite
    /petautocastoff Claw
    /cast [modifier:shift,pet:Worm] Burrow Attack
    /cast [modifier:shift,pet:Chimaera] Froststorm Breath
    /cast Multi-shot

    For BM AoE (which really kinda sucks anyway, SV is for AoE) - also use the following to make sure Bite/Claw come back on:

    /cast Arcane Shot
    /use 10
    /petautocaston Bite
    /petautocaston Claw
    /cast [target=pettarget] Bite
    /cast [target=pettarget] Claw

    Also had cast Bite/Claw in there when there were rumors of pets unnecessarily pooling focus, just as a precaution (can't hurt), but they are probably unnecessary.

    My favorite macros are the ones I use for misdirection and call/summon pet - for call/summon its basically 5 macros for each call pet that edit a 6th macro which reflects what pet was called, so from then on I can have one key bound to the 6th macro and always call the most recently called pet.

    For misdirection I use the clique addon that, when I click on a player's raid frame, it sets a macro I have bound as misdirection with that persons name in it. That way I don't have to type their name in, or mouseover their frame every time I want to MD them. Soon as I know who the MT is, left click their raid frame, MD is set, done - simple one key press to MD that person from then on. Also have clique do MD on mouseover when I right click raid frames for those emergency MD's to someone other than the MT.

    Those are a bit more complex than I'd recommend for beginners, though. But if someone is interested I can provide them.

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    Yes I would like to see what else you use for BM and SV specs.

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