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    The Insane, bugged?


    I've had a ticket up for 50 hours now, I'm just going to ask here if this has happened to anyone else:
    for the Insane, I did it in Steamwheedle > Ravenholdt > Bloodsail > DMF
    So, currently my achievements show me I'm missing the four Steamwheedle factions, even if I once been exalted with them.

    According to two different gms:
    "First, no, you do not have to be exalted with all of the factions at once for the Insane in the Membrane achievement. "

    "You don't need to have all the criteria at the same time to get the achievement. As that would TRULY be Insane!"

    I just want to ask if anyone else who've done this in the same order as I, if you got the achievement, or if you had to farm it again?
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