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    I had something similar... I love my Night Elf druid (first character) but my guild on ally is basically dead so i knew i wouldn't do much on him at 90... I got him to 90 and now i can't find the will to level my main horde...
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    Leveling my Alliance paladin (my main since Wrath and the new account); he's 87 now. Horde side, I just started leveling my rogue who I picked because the alternative is a DK/Warrior and I'd like to see armor besides plate.

    Gonna try my Dwarf hunter once my Paladin is situated at 90. Lots of furry friends to find.

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    never had a choice in the matter, my hunter has been with me since i started a new main at the launch of BC, and is the first i lvled to 90, my shaman is 2nd and sitting at 88. my DK will be next i think, as rogue stories have been spreading, and its not so good, though with new pants boa, i might finally get my druid from 77 to lvl cap
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    Nope. Main is main. Why would someone choose to level alt instead ?
    Well...actually.Ive done the exact thing you are questioning. all through BC, WotLK and Cata my main has always been my Pally through thick and thin. Ive logged around 80 days of played time on him, and before the change to Holy Power pallies, i couldnt think of any reason to change class.

    But this expansion im going a different route, my Warrior who i power levelled to 85, never touched again is now my main, and im loving it. but i do...feel bad for not cranking my pally to 90 first, in a small, but sad sad way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traen View Post
    Nope. Main is main. Why would someone choose to level alt instead ?
    To try a new class, to fill in your guild's raid team, because you don't like what the expansion changes have done to your main class, etc.

    There are quite a few reasons.

    Me? I went back to my DK (my main since Wrath launch) after swapping to my Rogue for Dragon Soul. Any alts leveled will be chosen based on their professions. DK has herb and engineering, next is warrior with mining and JC. After that might be my BS pally, or maybe I'll finally decide to level enchanting or alchemy.

    I too spent a good number of hours trying to figure out who I was going to level/gear up first.

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    The heirlooms don't work 85-90, which is what the OP is talking about.
    Throw 'em on anyways. Give WoW a pseudo-"Hardcore" leveling mode. /flex

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    I've played a paladin for the last few years. Right before Mists I decided to change because I didn't like the new stuff added to the Paladins.
    I had a choice to do between Death Knight, Warlock and Warrior, all 85s. I picked up the Death Knight because I just love to pvp with this class. I'm going to level my Warlock for raiding though. For the warrior, I just know how to play Protection.
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    I jumped on the monk bandwagon for some windwalker monk pvp. I'm now 90I in full pvp gear and it's not so great. Started on my shaman and my warrior now. Ill play my monk once they iron them out. Too weak in bgs, really op 1v1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuthe View Post
    I have my main new druid, and my new alt Monk.
    I'm happy with what I chose.
    Yay for being hybrids.
    Pretty much the same for me though I chose Monk as my new main and my druid as the alt. Would have been happy with either choice but I am glad I chose to go the way of the Monk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    1. Wanted to play a Hunter.
    2. Raid leader wanted a Rogue.
    3. ?
    4. I'm playing my Rogue.
    5. Profit?
    First time I ever read about a Guild WANTING a melee class for the raid.
    Most of the time melees get replaced by ranges...?!

    Have a 90 frustrated because of too few healers in BG => Started lvling my dr00d to 87, got bored to lvl => Hunter => frustrated of having 2 Hunters in 10 Man raid => Rogue to 87 => got bored to lvl => Hunter => Warlocks are gods and we have no WL => going to lvl my warlock today...

    But nvm, I'll see myself getting bored at 87 again :P
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