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    how to convert video to ipod format?

    How do u usually convert video (like dvd, rmvb and even flv ) to the format that ipod supports? Any useful software to recommend?

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    I don't have an ipod myself but from what I hear the only format supported is mp4. One alternative is the AVS Video Converter which seems to support most formats, http://www.avs4you.com/AVS-Video-Converter.aspx. I haven't tried that specific one myself. I personally use the AVS Audio converter to change my mp3s to FLAC and it's very userfriendly.

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    Well I heard that itunes has this function as well (only heard, never practically operated!!!). It saided that when you put the video in iTunes and right click the video you put in the “video section", there should be an option “convert for ipod” or “convert to mp4” that can help you make it. You can try on this.
    And if it didn’t work, I suggest you use Video Converter Ultimate, it’s easy and fast, for mac you can use Mac Total Media Converter

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    there's a program called HandBrake.

    It's the best for this, i've been using it for ripping mad men on to my iphone. Supports ipods, ipads, iphones.

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    For straight conversions handbrake is great and has a simple gui.

    If you wanna edit the video and save it i prefer vegas.

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    You can probably <SNIP>. By the way I love prison break!

    No, you can't. ~Marest
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    As illegal as that sounds, its like 100x faster and comes out looking better.

    Is it illegal to download a file which you are currently in legal possession of?

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    I've been using AVS for a couple years. works perfectly.

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    This is a thread-necro from May this year. I'm fairly certain the OP has found a nice software to use since. If you are looking for something specific, I'd recommend Any Video Converter which is free and comes with iPhone, iPad and other, useful presets.

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