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    Scenario Quests! - Question


    I am wondering which Scenario quests that excist in this game.

    I found 1 for Arena of Annihilation, 1 for Brewing Stom, 1 for Brewmoon Festival, 1 for Unga Ingoo, and I simply wonder;

    Is there any quest for:

    - Crypt of Forgotten Kings
    - Greenstone Village

    I'm after to complete all quests in game more or less, and I can only assume there are quests for these somewhere.

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    I found a Greenstone village quest in Greenstone village. I don't remember its exact location but I think it was around central Jade Forest.

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    So far I've found quests for scenarios in...

    Greenstone Village, Jade Forest (Greenstone Village scenario)
    Marista, Krasarang Wilds (Unga Ingoo scenario)
    Temple of the White Tiger, Kun-Lai Summit (Arena of Annihilation)
    Patrolling NPC near Thunderbrew Village, Jade Forest (A Brewing Storm)
    Binan Village, Kun-Lai Summit (Brewmoon Festival)

    Logic would dictate there's something for the Crypt, but logic would also dictate these quests would be pointed at by a guide somewhere or NPC gossip in-game.

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